Huel needs a QA team(or a better one)! - strawberries & cream

I recently purchased the strawberries and cream flavouring and frankly i am insulted that they would sell this to their customers. If this is what the Huel QA team (if they even have a team) thinks strawberries and cream tastes like, remind me never to go to one of their picnics as they must only eat rotting fruit and curdled cream.

This is the second time i have purchased a “new” product from Huel (Huel 2.0 was terrible) and it seems like they use their consumers as their only form of quality assurance.

The “flavour system” had an overwhelming smell of strawberries and absolutely no flavour par an awful bitter aftertaste. I am shocked an appalled that this was allowed to be sold, but i guess now i know what to expect with any changes to their main formulae or new products.

I think flavour systems are always going to be trial and error as taste is so subjective. I bought the toffee and strawberry ones and am not a huge fan. No harm done though, and it’s interesting to try different mixes to see what works.

I agree that taste is subjective, however if you sell a flavouring product to taste like strawberries and cream it needs to at least taste like that flavour. All i received was a powder that smelt like vomit and strawberries and gave NO flavour but a bitter after taste.
I should mention i have had tried other flavour systems and i particularly liked the mocha and toffee flavours.

A lot of people think it does taste like strawberries and cream. It tastes much better than it smells!

I think I’ll skip strawberries and cream.

I ended up throwing away the strawberry flavouring (I used over half though) and the banana flavouring (probably used a quarter). I just went off the taste, maybe as I was cutting down on sweet things in general?

The one I did like though was Christmas pudding!

Really sorry you aren’t a fan of our Strawberries and Cream flavour. The flavour performed how we wanted to but the creamier notes gather in the top of the pouch when left, you then smell these first. See below link.

Our New Product Development Manager replied to this here: Strawberries and Cream - #23 by SteffiOfficialHuel.

The taste reminds me of Campino sweets if you remember them, there certainly isn’t no flavour!

Hi Gilham, I actually agree with you. I bought toffee flavour and was bitterly disappointed. You’d need 2 teaspoons of it to even begin to get a toffee taste, but then the Huel would be so disgustingly sweet you couldn’t eat it. I wasted my money. Huel flavour pouches are definitely a disgrace and a stain on such a fantastic good product as Huel meal replacement powders.

I feel this is a bit harsh. I have tried all the sample flavours now, and although some of them I don’t like there are about four which are okay and even enhance the flavour of Huel for me. I’m sure though that this will be different for every person, it’s amazing how different our tastebuds all are!