New Strawberry tastes foul

Recently got a few flavour boosts, of which the new strawberry was one of them. Upon opening the packet to have a quick smell, I was assaulted by a vile chemical stench that permeated the entire flat for a few minutes. Can’t describe the smell other than to say it makes me physically recoil. Had a taste of it today and, while not as bad as it smells, still tastes pretty bad. Also doesn’t taste anything like strawberry.

Don’t know what happened to your processes between the new version and the older version (which I still have some of and it tastes good). For reference, the new stuff is from batch 4079 and the old is 3062.

Gonna have to either chuck or give away the new stuff.

Same here, @kevinisageek! Very chemical-like in both smell and taste. Batch is 4079 as well, with BBE 12/2018.

It’s as if someone has tipped too much of a particular ingredient in the mixing pot!! Something definitely isn’t quite right!

Any thoughts, guys? @Tim_Huel @JamesCollier

Hi there, thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention. We would love to investigate this further, are you able to send the flavours to us? We would like to check them out for ourselves. Instructions are on here -

If you email us your proof of postage then we can refund your postage via PayPal. If we find something wrong with your Flavour Boost then we will of course send out another.

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@dazzy and @kevinisageek, sorry I didn’t tag you in this. Let me know if you have sent these!

I’ll send it in but may not be for a few days, got long shifts at work and no access to a printer right now to print out a return note.

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Thanks for this, @Tim_Huel. Sent yesterday so hopefully it will arrive shortly!

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This is interesting…

I had a recent order, going through all of the flavours slowly to finally decide what is for me and what isn’t.

I tried caramel today and my god the stench of it was horrific. Smelt extremely chemical to the point it smelt like vomit.

My flat stinks and it still stinks I downed it either way but I wasn’t feeling too great throughout the day.

Love the banana and chocolate so far.

BBE 10/2018 0155 is what it says on my caramel sample flavour.

The strawberry is surprisingly awful.

Hey all, really sorry to hear you weren’t pleased with the flavours, I’ll drop you each a DM and we can try and sort this one out for you. :+1:

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I am just trying the strawberry now, I do not like the taste at all.
I feel it tastes more like strawberry laces, you may be better aiming for a flavour like mcdonald’s strawberry milkshake, just something weaker.

Literally sitting here experiencing the same thing. Started Huelling yesterday and trying out the multipack of boost sachets to see which I like and don’t. Not a fan of the taste, which is fine, taste’s a personal thing noone’s going to like everything. But the SMELL, oh my word thought it was bad then both husband and son who were in a different room were complaining about the strong chemically fake sweeties smell.

I was going to start a thread on this before seeing that others mentioned this. Was there ever any
cause found?

The caramel definitely has an overpowering smell, but my god it’s amazing.

I had the same experience the other day. Since I am new to Huel, I’ve been trying out all the flavours in the multipack. Strawberry was simply awful. I actually poured it out because of the chemical stench. The stench remained in my apartment for several days. Banana and caramel are my favourite boosts so far. But most of all, I prefer blending Huel with fresh blueberries, banana, almond milk and ice.

Tim - I’ve had to throw away 3 strawberry packs now. I was hoping it was just a bad batch but apparently not.

I’m not bothered about getting a refund, but I wonder if you can confirm that this flavour system was recently changed?

And, if so, is there any possibility it could be changed back? I used to love strawberry huel.

Hi @Darth_Huel - it was changed, some people loved the new flavour, but the aroma was off-putting. We’ve withdrawn it now and we’re working on a better one - hope to have some news asap.

Not our proudest product launch!


That’s great news - thanks James.

I got the new strawberry flavour recently - how can you send something like this to customers and expect them to put it in their mouths? It smells like bleach or nail polish. First time I had to pour the shake down the drain. I though the batch was contaminated until I found this thread.

Could I please get a refund or another flavour sent pls?

Absolutely. It wasn’t our proudest moment and we agree that, although we liked the flavour, the aroma was overpowering. Hence why we took it out of stock last month and went back to the drawing board. We have a solution in the pipeline which is imminent.

Of course, I’ll drop you a DM.

Sounds great, thanks!