Strawberries and Cream

Just ordered mine :smiley:

Who else has ordered the new limited edition flavor? If you have and have tried it, post your experience with it here!

I’m still recovering from not being able to get christmas pudding flavour any more. Not sure I dare invest my emotions in another limited editor flavour lol.


I ordered this, opened the packet and all I could smell was a sour vomit/Parmesan smell with a hint of strawberry !
Hoped it might taste better than it smells, nope it’s rank, another £7.50 in the bin

I haven’t received mine yet. Did you like any of the other flavours?

You’d have been better sending that back to Huel Rhona, or at least contacting them before you binned it. Sounds like a defective seal or something on the bag.

I liked the Strawberry and the cacao flavour pouches.

The bag looked to be sealed ok Tristan but you never know I suppose, it would be interesting to see what others think as not everyone has the same sense of smell or taste

Yikes…that’s not quite what I hoped for.

Haha me neither, but I do have a strong sense of smell, maybe others will think differently

Oh my god.

I’m not normally one to complain but this truly is vile.

I opened the bag, yes it does smell bad, mine smells like old socks and de-icer, extremely chemically.

I made a small batch and smelled again, VOMIT SMELL!!

Took a sip, and tastes as bad as it smells. Nothing like strawberries or cream.

Sorry Huel but I think I’m going to have to send this one back.

Had such high hopes and ordered immediately, but as per others, this is truly bad. The horrible artificial headache inducing smell is worse than the taste imo. Taste was barely noticeable. Perhaps the smell was supposed to make up for it. Have binned (outside bin, in bag) it an hour ago and can still smell it in the kitchen.

Phew it’s not just me then


I am a little concerned on some of your comments on the aroma/flavour of our new flavour pouch.

The product we tried at Huel HQ was loved by everyone, especially the smell.

If you have issues with this product please contact so we can investigate further.

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Hi Steffi,

I’m sending my pouch back today first class to the return address.

Will also contact team@huel to confirm.

I just put real strawberries in mine, make it with milk instead of water and it tastes great. you need to blitz it though


Had mine this morning after being chilled overnight and it was really nice!

It’s very sweet but I expected that, no foul smell at all.

Hello all, first post. I made mine this morning with strawberries and cream. As I broke the seal it smelt like vomit to me as well! I’m just about to drink it now, once I summon the courage to do so!

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Shocked to say… it’s nice! I like it!

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I agree with Harps. Smell isn’t great, but the flavour is fantastic. Not sure what the fuss is about.?

I have tried it for the first time today - sadly, I’m not impressed and wish I had stuck with the regular strawberry flavour - which I really like.

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