Strawberries and Cream


I guess if it smells like vomit that may be an issue. I’m not a fan of the smell of vomit personally.

Some cheese to me smells like vomit…the Italian restaurant near me sells lasagne that smells of puke…still some people eat it.


I tried it this morning, blended the drink last night and left in the fridge overnight, tasted good this morning. Not experienced any vomit smells - I thought the powder smelled great!
A pleasant addition to the flavour options.


Thanks for the comments on the strawberries and cream flavour pouch, we’ve taken them on board and spent today getting to the bottom of why some are experiencing different smells and aromas. Firstly, I’m Steffi and am the New Product Development Manager for Huel. My role is to create tasty new products for the Huel range.

Brief explanation:
With the Strawberries and Cream flavour boost, what’s happening is that the strong cream flavours are more easily evaporated than the natural strawberry so you smell these first in the top of the pouch. The batch isn’t defective and it’s just the powerful cream aromas coming through first that some are smelling as slightly cheesy.

Or, for those of you who want some more in-depth info:
In order to provide optimum flavour delivery of this new pouch we have used a highly impactful natural flavour which has resulted in the aroma being stronger than our other flavour pouches. To get the flavour of cream through the strawberry, the ratio of cream is higher than the strawberry. The cream components have a lower vapour pressure than the strawberry components, thus these notes will fill the headspace of the sachet. Our investigations have shown that in the flavour pouches the creamy notes are more volatile ((this means they are more easily evaporated, not that they are subject to change unpredictably) and move faster so are smelt first. Therefore, on opening, the user will get a ‘hit’ of lactic notes that could be interpreted as cream, milk, cheese, etc, but these will soon dissipate to give the more rounded strawberry and cream smell.

All this together results in a strong cream aroma that some of you may perceive as slightly cheesy. Everyone is different so they will detect and perceive things slightly differently which explains why some of you have experienced this and others haven’t. I can assure you that this is not a defective batch.

If you’d like more strawberry notes maybe blend in some fresh or frozen strawberries. As always Huel is best served ice cold.

Huel needs a QA team(or a better one)! - strawberries & cream

Yes it came today … I could not believe how bad it smelt. I could not bear it in the house and it is in the bin outside. I basically smells of rancid sick Very surprised given how much I like the standard product.


Awful smell, great taste.


Blows my mind that people are throwing it away because the powder smells bad on first opening. Send the pouches to me, I’ll use them.

I’ve had some gawd awful smelling protein powders in the past, all of them tasted great after mixing.


Complaining about an artifical smell when you’re buying artifical powder that substitutes the actual thing, strawberries and cream… Come on people. Of course it has a strong smell, basically all flavour pouches has a strong smell, so you don’t need to shove down 4 spoons of it in order to even taste a difference.

It’s probably the only flavour I like since it works well with vanilla unlike the other flavours I’ve tried. It smells and tastes like strawberries and cream, it even fooled my mom last morning after I had mixed my daily batch.


I’m sorry to say that I don’t like either the smell or the taste of this, I have persevered through half a glass and I’m afraid that that is enough for me. I have every other flavour in my cupboard though (and previously had Xmas Pud) and so far this is the only one that I don’t like, which probably isn’t bad going.


Love this flavour - this for lunch after a nice Mocha for me currently :slight_smile:


Mine smelled so bad I could smell it around the whole house even when it was sealed and in the kitchen cupboard. After a couple of days had to throw it away in the outside bin. Really not good.


wow I thought it was just me who didn’t like it, after reading this thread it seems to a common theme. It stinks the flat out and tastes awful, I will be throwing mine away also. Sorry Huel :frowning:
I think I will stick to blending a banana and coconut milk to mine every morning!


The smell is awful, you can’t market this. Really you can’t. I can’t keep the bag in the office, I’m either going to have to throw away or take home. People in the office many desks away are wondering what that awful smell is it’s embarrassing.
Is there any kind of refund I can do with this?