Sucralose in Chocolate?

@ Huel team - any info about sucralose content in the new chocolate flavour ? Particularly interested in how it stacks up against vanilla.
Currently use a ratio of 1:6 vanilla : UU , curious to try chocolate, particularly if there is less sucralose. My mission is to have as little sucralose daily as possible whilst maintaining just enough flavour to make the mix palatable (which 1:6 vanilla:UU does just fine for me)


Hey @Rafi_Clang

there is roughly the same amount of sucralose in both :smiley:

If you do want to mix up the flavours your having maybe give the flavour boosts a try? they are made of stevia and flavour :+1:

great, thanks for the info! I’ll probably stick to the vanilla & UU combo, works for me / i’m not fussy / just trying to keep sucralose to a minimum
I did try the flavour pack combo box but none of them were really for me… didn’t mind the flavours but didn’t like em enough to consider spending the extra money / time… call me lazy & cheap! (I am :wink: )

Hello Emma, does the flavoured Huel powder change a lot if you remove the sucralose?

I would like to not have it in Huel, but drinking U/U is too raw, I cant barely have it

That would actually create possibilities for those mostly on U/U right now :stuck_out_tongue:

But, is it sucralose itself what you dislike or sweeteners in general ?

I prefer everything as “natural” as it can be, and I dont like to consume sucralose. I normally mix 50/50 new vainilla and U/U. U/U on its own its difficult to handle on a regular basis.

Years ago Soylent spent a lot of time to develop a flavour to neutralize its ingredients and finally have a regular or plain flavour.

Which is the point that most of the people dont like about Huel? Flavour and how it mixes (lumps). In most of the comparisons Huel loses because of its flavour, but when do Huel wins?

In the mid-long term when you develop a knowledge of the market and you find that Huel has the best product of the market, because of its quality, nutritional distribution, the ingredients used and the team behind.

Most of the huelers know that the flavour is not the priority, its the quality, and that is why we continue with Huel.

But I think its time to upgrade the flavour portfolio including the boost (and remove its maltodextrine), the berry is meh (but berry in RTD is amazing), the rivalry between the Vainilla has to be a pain in the ass for the team, the coffee one is also very meh… Its just better to add instant coffee to Huel. The U/U its too raw, its like eating bare porridge but only with water

My suggestion for Huel is to develop a plain flavour using no sucralose at all while maintaining U/U separate. Then start developing the flavour portfolio from the plain Huel, which is not going to distort the flavours.


I would certainly buy and use such a ‘plain’ flavour made without sucralose if it were palatable. (I agree U/U on its own is barely palatable, although I’m aware it isn’t meant to be - it’s just I’d rather not have to add anything else into the mix other than huel and water)

Yes, the intention wasnt make it palatable, I am sure of that, and its great but develop a plain flavour seems very interesting.

@airiartev This is the idea behind the flavour boost sachets. They contain stevia a natural sweetener instead of the sucralose. So, if you want flavour without sucralose, simply buy UU and flavour boosts.
Personally i prefer this combo as I find sucralose too sweet.

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