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Hi all,

I just ate salted caramel for the first time and found it unbelievably sweet. I was thinking: this is the ideal flavour to combine with huel UU to reduce my daily sucralose intake. For instance, mixing 1 scoop caramel with 3 scoops UU reduces my daily sucralose intake by a factor of 4 and the result will probably taste sufficiently sweet.

But then I realized that the higher sweetness of the caramel version might actually be due to a higher sucralose concentration. I can’t seem to find any information on the package or website about the exact amounts. Are the sucralose amounts the same for all huel flavours?

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Hi DieterP,

Tried to help you but couldn’t find any specific information on sucralose amount in the Salted Caramel regular Huel. The best info I found is this. Regards.

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Hey @DieterP - unsweetened and unflavored Huel has no sweeteners added so if you are looking to decrease sweetness, this could be a great addition.

With regard to sucralose, there can be slight variations due to the flavor profile. However, it’s also important to note that taste can be subjective so what you may find a bit sweeter someone else may not. I will be sure to pass your feedback along to our team regarding sweetness too!

Which other flavors have you tried?

You can certainly mix it with unsweetened and unflavored to adjust the sweetness a bit more to your preferences!

Hey Patricius,

Appreciate the effort you undertook! Interesting values, also shows they reduced it over the years :slight_smile:

Hey Charlotte,

Thanks for your reply! Well I love chocolate and banana, usually I take those two flavours and I dilute them with UU (50% flavoured huel - 50% UU). I also liked the caramel taste a lot, after dilution (25% caramel - 75% UU). I was just thinking that an additional benefit of drinking these dilutions is a reduced intake of sucralose, that’s why I was asking if there is a difference in sucralose concentration between the different Huel flavoured versions. But apparently there is not much of a difference, which is fine :slight_smile:

Dieter P, I was thinking of trying the mix as I too find the Huel’s too sweet (been using black Huel). Do you find when you mix UU with same Banana that you still have enough flavour without the sweetness? Is it sort of same creaminess chalky taste just less sweet and I guess less banana flavour? or how would you describe it? thanks Sue

Hi Sue,

It still clearly tastes like banana, probably a bit less than using 100% banana but certainly good enough for me. Same for chocolate and caramel, the taste remains there. I don’t know if huel black will give the same results, and of course tastes can differ, but I’d give it a try if I were you. For me it’s the ideal solution :slight_smile:

Thanks that’s really helpful. I think I’m going to order 2 flavours and the U&U and then experiment with mixes.

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