Sucralose content

Dear Huel team,
I have quite a specific question.
Since it appears that I’m one of the rare exceptions of people who can get migraines from consuming “too much” (actually what should be a perfectly safe amount) of sucralose.

I’m wondering if different flavors of Huel white have varying sucralose content? Eg does the chocolate flavor have more sweetener to offset the bitterness of cocoa? And what about the RTD or bars?

I’d like to know which flavor(s) have the lowest sucralose content per meal, if indeed it differs.
Of course I can use U&U without problems and also Huel black, so that’s what I’ve been doing and as long as I mainly use those i appear to be OK, and i can enjoy a flavored Huel white variety every now and then as a treat.
But the lower carb amount in Black doesn’t suit me so well, it makes me feel less energized and more lethargic.

Hey, ah sorry to hear that, that’s a shame :frowning:
Unfortunately, I am unable to disclose exact figures as they are unique to the Huel recipe! What I can say, to help, is that for our v3.0 Powder, the flavours with the lower levels are original, coffee caramel, and berry, although the slight variations in quantity are very minor.

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Thank you!

Maybe you could stop using sucralose altogether…

Huel has a U&U version.

Toxicological and pharmacokinetic properties of sucralose-6-acetate and its parent sucralose: in vitro screening assays - PubMed " in vitro "

I know they have a U&U version but why not use Stevia or Xylitol. They aren’t offering their flavour powders anymore that people can use with U&U, so the only real option is U&U and flavour it with something to mess up the nutritional profile or just chug it down. Is it really so much to ask for the to use a sweetner not linked to problems or to release a flavoured and unsweetened version even if it is only a couple of flavours.

Oops. I think I’ve caught too much sun

I don’t understand why you have a problem with sucralose, the only really problematic sweetener is aspartame (to the best of my knowledge). Whether sweeteners in general mess up your insulin metabolism is still unknown, so I would not worry to much about it, so that it does not become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But anyway, as far as I know Black Edition contains a different sweetener - what about trying this one?
And if you are looking for a good flavoring product, try “flavour drops”, e.g. available on amazon (some contain steviolglycosides instead of sucralose as a sweetener).

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they do

because used regualrly or in larger amounts, sugar alcohols trigger uncomfortable and well documented diarrhoea

If people are concerned about Sucralose they can also use BE or RTD 2.0 as well as UU.

A study. While - somewhat predictably - a lot of news channels have jumped on The Mirrors alarmist headlines, it is what it is. A single university study that, while it certainly should be researched and investigated further, is neither conclusive or extensively peer reviewed or verified.


It’s completely understandable to be concerned when you see headlines such as “x linked to x damages” in the media.
Whilst saying this, it’s also important to look beyond the headlines and consider the whole picture, such as:

  • How the study was conducted (the design)
  • Who the participants were (rodents, humans, or cell culture)
  • What was measured and if it accurately represents what was consumed or what it’s intended to
  • If how much consumed is similar to typical intakes
  • If confounders were also assessed (ie. things that can also have an effect on what is being measured, such as other aspects of diet).

In this case, it is important to recognize the necessity of investigating whether the findings observed in controlled laboratory settings (in vitro) can be reproduced in living organisms (in vivo). Therefore it is unclear how this relates to the real world- post-ingestion. As you know, we have a variety of products to allow each individual to make their own choice, for example, our Black Edition Powder is sweetened naturally, with stevia and coconut sugar and we offer an unflavoured/ unsweetened version of v3.1.