Flavour Boosters really weak?

I’m new to Huel, just started on the white U/U powder (because I’m not a fan of sucralose) and I bought the mixed pack of Flavour Boosters to try them out.
I’m happy with the Huel - I mix it up in a blender, and I find it very easy to drink. I have 2 scoops for breakfast. I’m using it because I’m on some meds that affect my appetite.
But I find the Flavour Boosters don’t seem to taste of much. Is there some kind of trick to it - do they work better if you mix it up in the evening and leave it overnight? Or use warmer water?
If not, I’ll probably just switch to Huel Black when I’ve used up these two pouches. Or start adding bananas or frozen berries or something.

I think the issue you have is more that U/U has a very strong earthy taste to it. It is the reason sucralose is used in the white flavoured powder. Sucralose is 600x sweeter than sugar, so it does a good job at masking the (in my opinion) horrible earthy taste of U/U so you can then enjoy flavours more. My feeling is U/U is just too strong in it’s own flavour for the flavour boots to break through enough. Or maybe you need to increase the amount of flavour boost that you are using.


Thanks Coup. I guess I might try adding some xylitol to see if that makes a difference, but it probably won’t. I’ll also try adding fruit.
I can probably drink it unflavoured as well, I don’t find the taste that bad. (Yes, my taste buds are fine, I don’t have covid! :rofl:)

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You sure about that? :laughing:

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You’re braver than I, Gill.

The Flavour Boosters have been designed with Vanilla v3.0 in mind, so they are already sitting on a sweetened base. Try using twice the amount and see where that gets you too.

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I agree it’s not you. I’ve tried the flavour booster pack with Original and another pack with Vanilla and that went very well. Decided to try it with U/U and bleeeh.
It’s easy to think that no flavour means flavour boost pops out the most, but nooooooooo.
I’ve stuffed the U/U bag at the back of my cupboard and will try to grow the courage to try again (or wait for covid)

I highly recommend mixing U/U with a premix flavour - a scoop of each.

I do this religiously now as this creates a more subtle sweet flavour which I prefer.

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I do that.

I too do that at times