Sugar detox


I have been using huel for breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday for around a month now and it’s been great, no longer having to think about what to buy etc.

One of the main reasons I’m using huel aside from convenience is trying to transition to a healthy diet. I was a massive meat eater and completely cutting meat out from lunch had been great. I’ve also managed to stop drinking any coffee, was on 3 a morning before.

Next on my hit list is sugar. I have a terrible sweet tooth and when I get home from work and at weekends this doesn’t go away.

I’m planning on moving to an all huel diet for the next 2 weeks as a bit of a sugar ‘reset’. Has anyone done this with any success? I’m trying to gauge how long it might take before the sugar cravings cease to exist!

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I find Huel really helps diminish all sugar cravings so you shouldn’t find it too psychologically difficult.
Sugar detox is horrible though!
Be prepared to feel terrible for a good 2-3 weeks: headaches, mood swings, lethargy, exhaustion, aches and pains, difficulty concentrating…

If you’ve had a high sugar diet for years and you suddenly cut it out completely, you really will notice the physical withdrawal.
I did it years ago and it wasn’t fun but I felt amazing afterwards.

If the withdrawal is too difficult and it’s affecting your ability to do your job or not kill your family, you could consider weaning yourself off it a bit more slowly, over a month or so.