Suitable to win weight? CrossFit

Hi friends,
I do CrossFit 3-4 times a week, and I don’t want to lose weight. My objectives are to gain strength and muscular mass, therefore, to win weight.
I am having whey suplement. Is Huel suitable for me, to reach my objectives, and can be suplemented with whey and creatine?


Generally speaking, to gain musclemass you need to be in a (moderate) calorie surplus. Which means you need to consume a bit more energi through food, than you expend throughout the day.

Huel is food, not a supplement. So yes, it can be beneficial for gaining muscle mass, just like eating normal food. If Huel is suitable for you depends on what the rest of your diet consist of and if you like the convinience of a healthy shake instead of a normal meal?

Adding whey is fine if you need more protein than you’re already consuming. If you already eat an adequate amount of protein, whey is not really necessary. There’s no problem supplementing Huel with extra protein though (eg. whey) if you need it.
Creatine is a great supplement and no problem using it with Huel.

If this sounds confusing, feel free to pop in any questions you may have.

Hello, Huel can be supplemented with what protein, casein protein and creatine and used in a way that provide a calorific overload.

I can confirm I used that combination to gain muscle mass. Problem was I then stopped exercising but kept eating so then I just got fat :joy:

Just to warn, totally unique to me but for two years I used creatine with Huel and it really messed with my digestion. Would have fortnightly blowouts where I’d sit on the toilet in agony.

Cut out creatine and all supplements at the start of the year and am stronger and leaner than ever.

Can’t explain it, but it’s fixed me and I’d never touch the stuff again.


Hello i use huel as a way to swallow enough calories for lean mass gaining and it of course works
It is just food
Of course i train 3 times a week

I just wonder in how many time i should drink my shaker to avoid gaining too much fat

The best advantage in doing this is when you won’t need to be in calories surplus any more, you will just have to stop eat powder