Active life style with Huel

I’m looking into Huel as something to help save me lots of time in a morning and be a bit more convenient and healthy as well, I do a lot of sports and pretty much active with my Huskies and my Thai boxing and HIIT and swimming every day, I’m not someone looking to lose weight but more just to be healthy and hopefully put a bit more muscle in.

To the very sporty active people, what are you opinions of Huel? I’ll be looking at 4 x 500calorie shakes spread throughout the day plus a solid breakfast and fruit, so ideally over 2500 calories and just see how I go in terms of either losing weight and gaining muscle. The thing I’m worried about though is feeling tired or weak, especially during any transition process from solid to liquid, but seeing that I do drink a carb/protein drink for one of my breakfasts and also at night, a liquid diet isn’t alien to me…but eating steamed rice and chicken and vegetables and having to prepare it all every morning, gets old.

You won’t gain muscle AND lose weight. That relies on calorie intake. To gain muscle, eat above your daily calorie expenditure. To lose weight, eat below.

I use Huel and am extremely active, never really had a problem. Tasty and convenient. I throw in whole milk, almond butter and often a scoop of whey to make a nice big ~1000 calorie shake.

Sorry, I meant to say with 2000cals of hurl+solids, whether I’d lose weight which I don’t want to really do as I’m 6’5 but I do want to pack on a bit of muscles, part of my current issue is that i don’t really calorie count or pay to close attention to my macros, huel should make that really easy.

Definitely looking at probably a mix of skimmed milk and water to mix with. Thank you for your response, definitely helps

Ah ok, cool. I’ve seen great gains using Huel. Admittedly I don’t use pure Huel as above, I do use a tonne of whole milk and almond butter, but Huel as a base is brilliant for gains if you put the work in.

Huel will definitely save you a heck of a lot of time. I find it fits in an active lifestyle quite well although granted I don’t have huskies to tend to! I don’t think you will have an issue feeling weak or tired, many actually report feeling more energetic when they start using Huel! It sounds like your body will already be a little used to Huel from your carb/protein breakfast drink. I think you’ll get on just fine!

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Hi, I spend a lot of time in the mountains, trekking in the uk and in France. How HUEL fit in, on a hefty trekking day. Can I just sip at it throughout the day. I’m thinking it’s going to be a god send on long days. Please - your thoughts

Cold Huel with a couple of ice cubes in a thermos bottle is perfect for that.