Surprisingly positive review in the usually cynical Register



“Human fart-powder” and constant references to wind seems misplaced; what with them not experiencing any (lucky them mind, I definitely did).

Also, lol at the plate and bowl photos, I wonder if anyone’s going to genuinely think that’s how it’s eaten.


Yes, they didn’t completely manage to avoid the snarkyness. The photos made me laugh too.

There was a New Zealand news channel that drank it like soup:

The Register article was good though!

I just, maybe like porridge if it’s mixed super thick, but never like soup lol. Shame they forgot to talk about nutrition in that video but honestly, it came across much more like they just didn’t like the concept of liquid nutrition.

Also, thank god the nutritionist was on. I had no idea that digestion doesn’t start unless you chew!

Hold the phone… I think I’ve heard of that before… or are you being sarcastic? Surely that’s not a thing though? What would that mean for 100% Huelers?

I thought the review was good…and fair…and funny.

The comments below are quite hilarious tho.

From James Collier talking about liquid diets. Huel is not a liquid diet, rather a powdered food, but there are similarities in what he says. The long and short of it is that it isn’t an issue:

Digestion does begin with chewing; it starts the breakdown of solid food to increase the surface area and there’s also one enzyme - salivary amylase, which breaks down the polysaccharide starch into the disaccharide maltose.

However, with liquid, this has already been done for you and salivary amylase has very little effect on total starch digestion - it merely kick starts carb digestion as, in the stomach, it itself is broken down (remember, enzymes are proteins). It’s sister enzyme pancreatic amylase which acts in the intestines has a more pronounced effect where even previously solid food is liquid chyme. Huel has fine milled oats as the carb source and these are a lot easier to break down further than whole oats.

Really, the only minor concern with liquid diet is the ‘lazy’ peristalsis and we’ve addressed this with the inclusion of soluble and insoluble fibres in Huel. And this issue has been shown to be minimal and of no issue when people revert back to solid diets.


Perfect. Thanks Gulliver!

The article was one of the reasons I placed my first order, the other being Scott Adams’ book about making failure your superpower (in the case of Huel that’s turning failing to eat properly into a healthy choice)

Anyway, I mention this because the fart references are actually aimed at Soylent, which previously disagreed with a Register staffer quite noisily. The Register applies nicknames to everything, so this resulted in Soylent being dubbed ‘fart powder’ - “Blighty’s own fart powder” therefore means “Britain’s answer to Soylent”


I also found Huel through the Register article - it wasn’t I until I read that article that I remembered about the Dave Gorman show - but I figured the two cancelled each other out so I’d go for it.

As someone who would skip breakfast and then buy expensive junk food at work, I’m one week in - feeling better and richer. So far so good.


Virtually identical story here, I forgot where I had heard of Huel till I read this. Who would have thought this good would come from the wee-taking snarky but ultimately hilarious Register!!