Sweeteners in Huel

How much vanilla flavour powder is in huel vanilla? Because to me it tastes very sweet. I would prefer something like 2,6 gram flavour per 100 gram huel. That would result in one gram flavour per one scoop of unsweetened huel.

Unfortunately they can’t please everyone because some people have a desire for sweetness, others don’t. It’s too sweet for me as well…so I use a 50/50 mix of vanilla and unsweetened, and that’s about right…and its how I’ve used it for well over a year…sometimes with other flavourings, and sometimes just the unflavoured with flavour sachets etc…


The sweetness is a difficult one, so many people don’t think it’s sweet enough and others, like yourselves, think it’s too sweet. We think we have a good balance selling Vanilla as well as an Unflavoured so that you can sweeten it to your own preference. @hunzas has just shared a great tip by going 50:50. Of course we are always looking to improve and make Huel more enjoyable for the most amount of people, so we aren’t saying it will never change but at the moment we are happy with the flavour profile of Huel Vanilla.

Out of interest, why do you think that 2.6% inclusion is best without knowing what our inclusion is?

one gram flavour per one scoop of unsweetened huel tasted sweet enough for me. more than 3g or maybe 5g per meal (3 scoops) just seems too much, in my opinion.

The flaw in your maths is that the flavouring used in vanilla is not the same product as the flavour systems. Vanilla huel uses sucralose, the flavour systems use stevia.

Before buying huel, I read several threads in this forum and a couple of articles. Sweetness was something I was worried about, so I bought 1 unsweetened and 1 vanilla for my first purchase, and I’m glad I did. I like to vary the sweetness to be honest, sometimes I have 50/50, sometimes I have it sweeter, sometimes less sweet.