Taking Huel when flying (within UK) - customs question


Has anyone ever tried to travel with Huel? Wondering if it will be okay to take it when flying to Scotland…


Not with Huel but, we’ve flown with baby milk formula in clear plastic bags and it wasn’t an issue.

flying within the EU should be fine (except to the Canary Islands/Madeira/Azores).
Maybe it would make more sense to fly with a sealed pouch?

I’ve a couple of customers who have flown with Huel and had no problems.

On a separate related point, I send a customer 150g of Huel in an unbranded pouch via UK post and when the packaged arrived there was a note from the Royal Mail saying it had been opened and a sample sent for testing. I assume to see if it contained drugs.

I flew with Huel to Slovakia and with no problems at all! :wink:
It was with Ryanair and they recommended me to have it “ready to try if asked”…
The bag was still sealed…

I’m off to Canada for Xmas, think I’ll be OK bringing some?

Similar question here: flying from London to Amsterdam in a week and would like to bring along a new, sealed bag of Huel. This would need to be kept in my hand luggage.

Anyone travelled recently with Huel? Bit wary of bringing it with but as I’m working and filming there it’s almost essential :slight_smile:


I travel a lot and I take huel through customs all the time. Never had a problem.

Took some to Amsterdam recently.

I took a whole pouch to America (Orlando) in my checked luggage. Was a bit concerned but didn’t look like it had been inspected!

I’ll be taking some to Greece in the Summer (again in checked luggage).

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Make sure you snap some pictures in Greece with your Huel! We’d love to see them. Or any Hueler reading this when they go on a summer break!

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