The NHS website recommends 8.7g of Iron per day for men

Would Huel be able to reduce the iron content? As having 1 serving of Huel already provides the daily requirements for a male and iron is easy to find in other food sources.

Too much iron is not good and can lead to age related diseases Aging

Just wondering

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Hey @Kingston, good question!

The 8.7g of iron is based on iron from mixed food sources (plant and animal-based). The iron found mainly in animal-based foods is absorbed more effectively than the iron found mainly in plant-based foods. Additionally, there are antinutrients in Huel that further decrease the absorption of iron. As a consequence we also have people saying Huel doesn’t contain enough iron!

We’re accounted for the above factors which you can read more about here. This means the amount of iron in Huel is at the optimum amount for the majority of people.

BTW, the recommended daily intake of iron is 8.7 milligrams, not 8.7 grams. 8.7 g is quite close to a fatal dose.


Thanks for spotting Adam, I should probably wait to reply till after I’ve had a coffee!

Also if you’re worried about the effects of iron on ageing you can always add more antioxidants to your diet to counter this. Some great sources are matcha powder, hibiscus tea, cloves and blueberries. All of which would taste delicious depending on which huel flavour you blend them into.

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