Nutrition iron content

If I have two 80g meals of Huel a day is that 100% of nutrients needed namely iron intake?

Not quite. Two 80 gram meals works out to around 33% of your Iron amount and 656 calories.

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This reply has confused me a little as 1 x 76g meals in MyFitnessPal suggests that it meets 377% of my RDA?

Could someone clarify this please?

Are you sure? 2*80 = 160g. The label says 13.9mg per 100g. 160/100*13.9 = 22mg iron. But that’s non-haem, with phytic acid, but also with high vitamin C so who knows how much is absorbed.

I agree with your maths but the package’s nutritional statement also claims 496% per 100g of the NRV. In that case, 160g would be 794% (22g) which would be a lot for a 61 year old male (accepting that it is from a vegan source).

The main reason behind my question is to see whether I can reduce/stop using Liquid Iron (which is quite expensive) on the days when I’m consuming at least 160g of Huel?

The iron issue is one that comes up a lot. I am working on an article but it need to be thorough which is why it’s taking some time. The iron may be high, but the phytic acid in the oats and flaxseed is high so this notably reduces the bioavilability of iron. However, the vitamin C content of Huel will boost the bioavailbility.

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