Zinc, phytate and EU guidelines

I noticed there’s a fairly recent EU recommendation published on zinc and unlike other recommendations it links daily zinc requirements to phytate intake. Huel 2.2 provides about 12.3mg per 2,000kcal or 14.8mg per 2,400kcal. For the highest level of phytate that they list (1,200mg/day) men should get 16.3mg zinc. That means that Huel would be a bit short if it had 1,200mg/day of phytate. So, how much phytate content is there in Huel?

@JamesCollier Do you know how much phytate per 2,000kcal?

Hi @XXX - great question.

The phytic acid in Huel is high as it’s found in oats and flaxseeds. Zinc’s bioavailability, like iron, is adversely affected by phytic acid, but doesn’t have the benefit of vitamin C helping it.

This is an area I am looking at extensively and I will be reporting on in detail. I don’t have all the information I need yet, but to be reassured:

  • the phytic acid content of Huel is a lot lower than 1,200mg (based on 2000kcal)
  • the zinc content of Huel is higher than stated as we previously had less reliable data and we erred on the side of caution
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