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Huel is working pretty well for me as a too-busy-to-eat casual meal solution. I couldn’t eat it all day, but frequently end up having one or two three-scoop huel shakes.

Overall, I’m really impressed with it.


  • Shaker design means you can easily flick liquid and is a bit awkward to drink from.
  • A flavour pack scoop roughly accurate per huel-scoop would be useful
  • Could the product be finer for better shaking? There is certainly an art to shaking it without lumps - I use a blender at home for this reason.
  • Flaxseed size - hopefully it could be finer. Gets stuck everywhere


It occurs to me that a referral scheme might benefit growth, as very few people seem to know about Huel - and I think it’s pretty great.

How about:

  • Refer a friend and they get a % discount on their first order, and you get a % off your next order
  • Returning customers’ referees earn a small % discount (with a ceiling)

Basically I think you should create an incentive for your customers (me) to tell more people about Huel. The fact is, it’s become a commodity to me very quickly and I haven’t really thought about sharing with my friends. I probably will at some point regardless.

Also, you should be able to expand your social media reach through existing customers. Currently I have no reason to follow huel on twitter/facebook, and no reason to share anything. Just a thought.


Similar to referrals, I’d like to see a discount for committing to a suscription of some kind (3,6,12 months).


This area is my profession, so a few thoughts:

  • Homepage - describe v1.2 but image URL contains ‘v1.1’
  • Homepage - better micro copy possible
  • Product page - I think this is the place to optimise your messages, it’s direct in letting you choose the options, but clear ‘benefits’ (defined below in a wall of text) should be more visible. Hide the tshirt stuff in a popup - I don’t think anyone cares about the free tshirt as an incentive to buy - far too prominent. I would try swapping the dropdown format with a wide product selector

Alpha/Beta versions

Where is the signup button? Manic early-adopter here. :smile:

I’d urge caution on referrals scheme. When I told work mates about Huel, they asked whether it was like Brand X or Brand Y, which I hadn’t heard of, but are supplements. And they both said they were basically multi-level marketing schemes. With the implication that I shouldn’t touch with a bargepole.

Huel seems like a brand with integrity. A referral scheme could tarnish that.

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