Referral process


Just wanted to suggest you look at your current referral process.

My experience with it has been less than stellar. I signed up using a link from YouTube expecting to get a discount off my first order, but on completing the referral link it said there was a delay processing it.

After speaking with the support team and now viewing the forum it’s obvious that was never going to come through. You should make this more clear.

I’d like to comment on Huel but because of this I haven’t put an order through yet and it may be losing you potential customers.

Ps. If anyone else is similar to myself in not liking sugar free drinks (but love sugary ones) can you comment on Huel? Was looking at getting one vanilla and one unsweetened and taking it from that.

I mix Vanilla 50/50 with Unsweetened. You then can add whatever sweeteners you like. Some people blend it with a banana, berries, honey or maple syrup. I prefer to avoid the carbohydrates so I add flavours but not extra sweetness.

I was going to try coffee and maybe caramel with the unsweetened I think my partner would go for vanilla and some of the flavourings. Sweetner tends to taste bitter to me which is why I’m apprehensive about the flavoured Huel.

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I use Xylitol in my coffee. That is natural, has no aftertaste, and I think has half the calories of sugar.