Too many Vitamins

Hello, regarding vitamins, I take Turmeric, Vit C. Cod Liver Oil, 5-HTP daily. This morning, I have gone through all the other vitamins I usually take and I am left with the above as Huel does not have any of the above. I usually take Acidophilus for the good bacteria, but am wondering if I need it. I had experience of very loose bowel which I put down to too many vitamins, so as of today, I am just taking the above with Huel. Can anybody advise if this sounds ok please.

Doesn’t Huel contain DHA and EPA, which is what you’re also getting from Cod Liver Oil?

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OK but I have arthritis and am told to take it to help oil my joints. ??? I guess I could try not taking it and see what happens…

Turmeric isn’t a vitamin…but I agree it could be useful for joint pain. I eat a lot of it…best taken in combination with a pinch of black pepper and maybe a bit of coconut oil.

You probably know that already.

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Bear in mind your body converts ALA to EPA and DHA. and Huel contains sufficient amounts of ALA to ensure this.

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So are you saying it would be ok to stop taking Cod Liver Oil. That would be good.

It depends on how much Huel you consume and what the rest of your diet looks like. If you can hit your daily target for essential fatty acids with a combination of Huel and the rest of your diet then great!

I am on a full day of Huel, so far I have had 3 x 2 scoops. I have had apple, pear, banana, Alpro plain yog. I was thinking maybe to cut out the fruit and have 4 x 2 scoops. If possible I want to stay just under my daily alllowance. I am 18.7lbs.