Hi, I have PCOS and I’m trying to conceive with some difficulty. I am taking 2 scoops of Huel for breakfast and 2 for lunch and then having dinner. Sometimes add extra 1 scoop for a snack. I take supplements recommended for PCOS sufferers, cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, folic acid and a herbal remember called Agnus Castus. Can anyone tell me if I could be in any way duplicating or if any of these supplements are found in Huel ingredients already? Also keen to speak people with PCOS who have improved with Huel. Thanks.

Huel doesn’t contain any of those ingredients.

But cod liver oil is typically used for providing omega 3 fats, which Huel provides via flaxseeds, and it does contain folate which is closely related to folic acid (I don’t know enough about those to explain their relationship sorry, but some Googling would likely fish out an appropriate explanation).

I don’t know anything about PCOS (I had to Google it to find out what it even was), but I suspect if codliver oil is a recommended treatment, that you should keep consuming it. Although Huel contains a healthy amount of flaxseed to provide omega 3’s, it’s not a huge amount, and if PCOS is helped by consuming more omega 3’s (or whatever else is in codliver oil), then it’s probably a good idea to keep chomping it down. Fish oils are generally considered to be better sources of omega 3’s than flaxseeds anyway, and you can consume quite a lot of omega 3’s before it becomes a problem, so it’s unlikely you would overdose on it accidentally.

Please make sure you have good quality cod liver oil though. Some of that stuff is nasty and very low quality. If it tastes fishy, then chuck it out and find a better quality one.

I found this website super useful for working out which fish oil to buy. Interestingly the most expensive/best ones didn’t taste bad. The one I ended up buying, I actually suspected was not fish oil as it actually tasted quite nice. I found out it was most definitely fish oil though when I popped one of the capsules to drink the liquid and accidentally got some on my clothes. Within about an hour I started to stink of rotten fish and had to go home to change!!! The oil was so fresh that it had no smell, but as soon as it went bad it became blindingly obvious that it was from a fish :wink:

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Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all of that. You must be very passionate about nutrition.

That’s interesting about the fish oil being so fresh! Why did you pop the capsule? Just to investigate? I thought people were meant to swallow the capsules whole! I have heard of people drinking shots of it though, implying that a much higher dosage wouldn’t do any harm. I’ve been taking it every day for 6 months and I have noticed a difference in my general health particularly immune system, skin and eyesight. I have just been buying it from Lidl but I should probably look into the quality. Will do some research into that today.

Thanks again.


I was pointing out to a friend of mine that it didn’t taste fishy. But I’d previously done it just to see what it tasted like.

This is very common in Norway, where many people have a spoonful of codliver oil every day. I have many friends there who said their parents fed them in it every day as a child, and thought that was normal :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been there.

Huel uses a natural form of folate rather than unnatural folic acid.

With Huel, the fatty acid profile covers all the essential and conditonally essential fats. You can read about this here. There will be no need for the cod liver oil or evening primrose.

Thanks for this info. Much appreciated. So duplicating wouldn’t do any harm but Huel does provide equivalent so I will probably stop if I am using Huel daily. I did not realise folic acid was unnatural.

Thanks again.

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Something being natural means nothing.

I agree. I was merely pointing this out.