Too much protein in Huel?

Concerns that Huel contains around three times the recommended daily amount of protein ?

Sorry for the copy paste, the answer to this is taken from our website:


The GDA for protein is 50g per day, but this only covers our very basic needs and prevents protein deficiency(1,2). The Western diet typically provides more(6), and Huel does too. All essential amino acids are included in adequate amounts from two vegan protein sources: pea and brown rice protein, as well as protein from the oat powder. Based on an average 2,000-calorie intake, you’ll be consuming 148g protein per day from Huel. This provides a good amount for optimal health as well as building and maintaining a healthy body. Furthermore, protein is more satiating (appetite suppressing) than other macronutrients(7), and we’ve designed Huel to stop unwanted hunger pangs.


Hope this helps!

The studies that show a concern with high protein intake only deal with animal-based protein, and usually admit that no concern exists with plant-based protein for a healthy person. Huel contains only plant-based protein.

Also, the RDAs are something you can use for inspiration, but they are not done by experts in the field (it is government related after all) - you can find better resources.