Unknown pinkish stuff in my Huel

I am well into my Huel test and I have just had some more for lunch, for the second time in this second batch, I have started noticing some weird pinkish things in it. Does anyone know what it is? I will be honest, it doesn’t look edible! lol

Is it pink slime? I expect the taste of beaver anus will counteract it. :wink:

Sorry…I don’t know.


It is most likely something I have blended by accident. Eeek beaver anus (that thread was fun to read). At least now I know what Castoreum is! lol.

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You beat me to it! :smile:

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Did you know that Huel has also been completely free from Space Bats since at least v1.1?

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Where are the test results!?!?

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The dog ate them, sorry.

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I made my 2nd drink other day for work, put it in their fridge, when came back was pinkish and yellowish colour spots in their. did look weird but just shook it out. (500ml whole milk and 3 scoops)

500ml whole milk!? I guess you’re on a weight gain program?

Only on my 5th drink atm, first drink was all water and i didn’t really like the taste, got huel for general health, 6ft at 70kg so weight is fine. don’t matter how much i eat i stay same weight.
might try 50/50 milk / water as will be going through allot of milk.

Ah fair enough, just stood out as a wow point. I’m friends with a professional power lifter who weighs around 20 stone, drinks 3 pints of whole milk a day which I guess if you drank 500ml with every shake, you’d be similar to :slight_smile:

If you eat less than your TDEE you’ll lose weight, or eat more and you’ll gain weight. Calorie count, it’s interesting to get into!

It’s tomato. There are bits of tomato thingies in it. If one breaks then it gives the drink a red streak.

Can we do a pinned topic in the forum about it and/or a note on the next run of labels? This query comes up a lot in the forums now.

In v2.0 we added lycopene, a carotenoid partly responsible for the red colour in tomatoes. This will give your Huel slight red and yellow flecks, but don’t worry, it’s good for you.


i get this even if i don’t add anything and my blender is SUPER clean. Like red flecks in it. what can it be?

Really? Julian literally just answered in the post above yours. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry didn’t see it. Im sure I read the whole thread!

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