Useful addition to Huel

Boost your immune system here


Protein shake? at least worrying about clumping will now be the least of your worries.

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I’m in awe with the writers of that article. They managed to delete all the jokes that surely kept writing themselves.

Sore throat. Face cleansing. Consume as close to production as possible.
I think I even watched some movie that started like that.

Also, I wonder what’s the diet of the children.

Anyway, better that than ranting about 5G I guess?

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Think ill stick to eating kabab’s from a pop-up stall on a weekend… my not know whats in it but a damn sight more appealing

Unfortunate that immediately after the headline is a frame of a video of Boris Johnson. Speculating wildly I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s advocated this particular dietary supplement be taken fresh and “as close to production as possible” on as many occasions as he can manage.:wink:


On another note I’ve subscribed to WeAreFeel Multivitamins which pack 33 vitamins, minerals & innovative phytonutrients.

They come at a reasonable price of ÂŁ11.95 monthly for 60 capsules - 2 a day makes (30 Capsules) for the month and they are vegan too!

Unlike other vitamins they also don’t pack them in with fillers and bulkers…

I normally open the capsules and add them into Huel.

So it might be worth looking into trying if your looking for a multivitamin to top up with WeAreFeel

Well… Enough internet for today and its only 17:26