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Why does flaxseed change its position in the order of ingredients between v1.1 and v1.2, and why isn’t this reflected in the description of changes? Aren’t ingredients listed in order of weight greatest > smallest? Seems like this is a fairly big change that’s been overlooked?

Interesting question. I don’t know the answer to that, but I will chat with some people who might. This was a long time ago and there have been many versions of Huel since. We are now on v3.0!

I had to cast my mind back 6.5 years :exploding_head:

We were still young and this was the early stages of the rigorous testing on our products and I was just starting to build on my learnings. Brown rice protein has a less pleasant taste than pea protein, so, when we discovered that we don’t need to use as much, we reduced it in favour of upping the pea protein for a nicer Huel. The levels were only slightly different, but the change was enough for flaxseed and brown rice protein to switch in inclusion levels. Essentially, the primary motivation was flavour improvements.

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And a fantastic job it was, 1.1 was okay, 1.2 was great and I didn’t think it could be improved, and then 3.0 vanilla came along and I was skeptical that it might get worse somehow, I was BLOWN AWAY. Love it love it love it.

Thats interesting, thank you. So its not that the amount of flaxseed went up, its that the amount of rice protein went down?

What is the reason for including brown rice protein at all, then? Why do you need to use any, if it detracts from the flavour?

theres an article in the guides section that explains this at length


@Phil_C 's link explains why we have two protein sources - it’s to ensure optimum nutritional quality. For a more detailed explanation of the protein in Huel see this article.

Thank you @JamesCollier .
I see now its due to amino acid profile, and particularly making sure you reach the WHO RDA of the essential amino acids?

Can I ask, on the Amino Acid Content of Huel Powder table on the page @Phil_C linked, there are asterisks next to the RDA for methionine and phenylalanine. I know these are explained below the table, but I don’t really understand, could you explain why for both of these, the RDA values are combined with other amino acids, please?

It’s more than just meeting the WHO RDA; it’s about optimising the protein quality.

The non-essential amino acids cysteine and tyrosine are related to methionine and phenylalanine respectively, meaning that you can meet requirements for methionine and phenylalanine by, in part, having an intake of cysteine and tyrosine.

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