Peas and Rice Protein Powder?

I’m thinking of getting some protein powder to have after a workout (is this still the recommended approach?).

I see Huel is Pea and Rice protein.

I guess I would like something similar in my shakes.

So can anyone recommend a good pea and rice (or at least vegan) protein powder that tastes nice?

Or should I be looking to add protein from other sources to my diet?


Have you considered the Black edition Huel? Or do you want just a shake protein?

Have you considered soy protein? Unless you have some soy intolerance, it is easier to use because you don’t need to care about the ratio of amino-acids.

Bulk Powders Vegan protein is the best tasting vegan option I’ve found. They have a pretty large range of flavours and you can normally get a decent price if you shop around a little bit (I tended to alternate between going direct and Amazon to find the best deal).

That said if you’re already having Huel I agree with the above - it’s probably going to be easier (and cheaper) to use Black Edition Huel than it is using a supplement.

I quite like myvegan/myprotein, but agreed, Huel black is the way to go

Another vote for Huel black but I have some Form
nutrition protein powder that I sometimes add a scoop of if I just need a quick protein hit. It’s vegan and I think it’s delicious. It’s very sweet though so if that’s not to your taste then I would avoid.
It’s also not the cheapest out there!