Very low fat, high carb Huel energy bar for cardio

Has anyone at Huel considered making a nutritionally complete Huel energy bar for exercise?

Energy bars are very convenient to eat mid exercise when there isn’t much time to eat and you need a boost of energy quickly. The problem is that energy bars are nutritionally empty and, for those doing endurance exercise, too high in glycemic index. Sugar crashes during endurance exercise is massively detrimental to performance.

Huel bar v2 is a convenient snack that gets around these problems but still isn’t optimal because it’s too high in fat. Dietary fat serves no purpose during exercise. At the moment the bar contains 7.7g or equivalently 70 calories of fat which adds up very fast when consuming multiple bars.

For example, on days when I run a lot (6h+) I will usually get through at least 1500 calories worth of nutritionally void bars or gel.
That is the equivalent of 6 Huel bars which is nearly 420 calories worth of fat which could have otherwise been an extra 100g of carbohydrate.


I’d be very interested in this!

I’m currently getting round this by making Huel porridge (50/50 oats + vanilla Huel with raisins, cinnamon and water) a few hours before a long run or any speedwork but a high carb Huel energy bar would certainly be beneficial for me!

Thanks for the suggestion; we’re always looking at new ideas :slight_smile:

Huel Bars - although great for exercise, are not designed that way and Huel is not a sports brand.

Saying that, a development we’re working on, may be of interest … but I can’t say any more at the mo :wink:

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