Very versatile, minimal exercise stroke survivor

Started down the Huel route just over 2 weeks back, having suffered a major stroke brain haemorrage years ago have lost the use of left side and only get minimal exercise. Got a major shock when my 10 year old asked me to weigh in. have a weetabix and a handful of alpen for breakfast together with a 2 scoop vanila shake. Banana and another shake for lunch, make my own waffles and pancakes 1/2 and 1/2 unflavoured Huel and flour or a little mash pot, to go with a little meat or fish for supper. having cut out all the sweets carbo drinks and snacky bits and done huel to suit me I’ve lost loads and never feel hungry, that I guess is the beauty, Huel is so well balanced, because of my health issues and the amount of meds i take, i thought it prudent to take small portions of food alongside hel to see how it went. 1st few days was feeling tired and empty not hungry, since then alls good, glad i made the move, proving very benificial


Hi Gordy - great to know you’re getting on well with the Huel. Although not in the same situation as you, I’m somewhat limited with exercise too, due to inflammatory arthritis. That lack of physical activity doesn’t combine well with unhealthy eating, does it? :p. I’ll have to follow your lead and try making waffles and pancakes. Sounds wonderful. Best of luck!

now progressed to the silicone muffin mould making all day breakfast muffins, shredded wafer ham/spinach/mushrooms/tomatoes and beans, whisk up about 4 eggs and huel unflavoured pour into moulds use kebab stick to prod everything get the well’s full and bake, totally stupendous, unsure on calories, but cannot be a lot. G

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