Vitamin K instead of K2?

Looking at the ingredients list, Huel doesn’t seem to contain vitamin K2. Was this a conscious decision? Note another poster asked this and was told:

“The different versions of vitamin K are both as effective for health. The K2 and cancer studies are more observational in design which have their limitations.”

Parking the K2 cancer studies, I’m curious to understand why K and K2 are considered equivalent. A quick search of pubmed demonstrates a number of studies/systematic reviews proving the efficacy of K2 especially with D (primarily D3).

Great question.

Vitamin K2 as I’m sure you know, comes from animal products, it is found in high concentrations in offal, dairy and eggs. Huel being vegan needs to avoid these products. You can get K2 from vegan sources but price starts becoming an issue. It of course is something we want to use and we are working on this. If using K2 would make Huel an even better product then it is something we want to do!

I hope this answers your question.

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Cheers Tim, I’ll cross my fingers that it’ll make it into a future version.


K2 is very exciting - however, it shouldn’t be used at the expense of K1

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