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I’m trying to add chocolate flavour and a £10 referral discount to my next order and I can’t work out how. The system isn’t intuitive. Any tips?

To add the discount go to manage your subscriptions, deliveries, and there’s an +add a discount code under your order

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I don’t think you can add a one-off item to a subscription because the system would then add it to every subsequent order. But you can email and they can add it for you as a one off

Thanks Christina for the advice. I’ve added the discount and ordered the flavour - it’s just not an easy site to navigate is it? Also I think they tell you the charge date as oppose to the delivery date - I would prefer delivery date.

Glad you managed it!
Yeah the website needs some work. And the subscription software is run elsewhere so it’s not so easy to link the two together easily.
I guess they will be looking to invest in upgrading the website and ordering process as soon as they can as lots of people have highlighted it as an issue.
On the upside, customer services are super helpful and willing to manually add things and change orders :slight_smile:

Great to hear you have managed to use the discount and add the flavour. Sorry for any issues there, we’re working on our own subscription software that should iron out issues like these.

Delivery date is variable depending on your location. If we can tell you the date we are processing your order then you know whether you’re eligible for next delivery or not. For example, those order to Highlands and Islands take an extra day. That’s why we don’t give you a delivery date.

This used to be the case, but for anyone else reading, there is now an option in your subscription account to add items on a recurring or a one off basis. The only things you can’t do this for is merchandise, for obvious reasons!

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