Weight loss for operation

im waiting for my first huel parcel of a months supply of ready made drinks. I am so hoping this is going to be the start of a 100% huel month for me.
Been overweight my whole life. I now need to lose as much as i possibly can before a call from my surgeon on October 20th about an op for a giant hiatus hernia. Severe symptoms chronic breathlessness being the worst. i am also a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic.
Advice badly needed about how much Huel i should have each day to maximise weight loss, stay healthy and stay safe with my type 2. If i havent lost enough weight when my surgeon calls i will have to join a 2.5year waiting list for my operation!!!
So any advice gratefully received. I can afford to be more sensible after this first month.
Thank you for any advice. ive chosen the ready made this time around because its easy and quick, less likely for me to fail…i think!

First, good luck to you and I’m hoping for the best possible outcome. I think you should be speaking to a medical doctor and nutritionist about what you might be able to do. I know how many calories I should limit myself to, but your needs may be quite different. It could be dangerous to take advice from people’s opinions on a forum. Perhaps someone from Huel can offer suggestions or guidelines. Just be careful, I hope you get the relief you want! You have a little over a month. I don’t think that’s much time to expect very much while being healthy.

Definitely talk to the doc/dietitian about how much you can restrict your kcals. You have underlying conditions, don’t exasperate them by taking advice from idiots like me!