What are the key reasons that made you stay with Huel?

Are there any products or flavours that you prefer so strongly that you would quit Huel if they discontinued them?

Having the bars to use in combination with the shakes, and now the addition of hot and savory makes Huel very difficult to beat. I really love the simplicity and being able to get everything from one brand that I trust.

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As a student, especially when I was studying abroad, i used to eat a lot of junk food, which had a very bad influence on my bowel and I developed severe digestion issues over time. Also my general well being deteriorated and I was kind of desperate to find a solution for my problems so I started with HUEL.

I still do have some problems, but HUEL helped me to establish more healthy eating habits, which are sustainable in the long run even for a student who does not like to cook. It helped me to gain some weight (I was very skinny in an unhealthy way) and improve my health and well being.

I am honestly very thankful for this product and recommend it as much as I can. I buy the white powder on a regular base for almost 2 years now and I have at least 2-3 shakes literally every day for over one year already and I never thought about quitting so far.

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I hope you don’t think that I am crazy, but I have been afraid of swallowing solids for many years now. Keeping a normal weight has been challenging with liquid calories only, so I’ve always been in contact with various meal replacements. As soon as Huel offered flavours that were okay for me I tried it, found it a bit grainy in the beginning but this improved with formula changes. I still haven’t made up my mind about the brand I want to use, the market is huge, but judging from a formal analysis Huel is among the best companies. The only bad thing is the texture, and some additions which give relatively strange looking speckles (optics is important to me).

Whether Huel is “healthy” is something I cannot tell, maybe most fresh things are healthier, but the latter are just not an option for me, so the question is not really to be asked for me. It is an efficient, convenient way to get a calorie-dense, nutritious liquid. I don’t expect more.

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I like the idea of nutritionally complete products (less waste, more convenience, less thinking, etc.).

I prefer Huel because the company is strongly investing in research with science backup. Being vegan and environmental friendly is another plus, but the main reason I stay with Huel is because I feel they know what they’re doing and always are able to justify it with scientific research.

I also love that the team constantly checks the forums and answer user questions (and consider user feedback for their new product development).

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Yes! Original version 2.3!

I hope not to quit altogether, but right now, I’ve no idea how to proceed once my stash of 2.3 has gone.

Thanks so much guys, really interesting reading this stuff as it can only help us improve. There’s so many points I want to dive into further but I don’t want to derail the thread so won’t. But this is super interesting, thank you and everyone else please do chip in. Even if someone has already said you’re point, be sure to add your +1!

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Leaving aside my current turmoil over the loss of Original v.2.3, I’d like to add the following…

  • I’ve not tried any other meal replacement brand. A friend recommended Huel almost four years ago and I’ve never looked back, nor considered any other brand.

  • I like the fact that Julian and others are full-on nutritionists who are clearly committed to the nutritionally complete ethos and approach it from a scientific standpoint, rather than running with fads and trends.

  • I love the responsiveness of the Huel team, not only here on the forum but also on live chat support and email. The occasional time I’ve had an issue, they have always been absolutely superb.

I do need to extend my exploration of your offerings, though. I have a bag each of Vanilla and UU upstairs - one the of the support staff suggested mixing the two to try to recreate the v.2.3 flavour - and I’m considering trying Black and the savoury offerings in the coming weeks.

I’m still reeling from v.2.3 being discontinued (I only found out last week) but I am keen to find a way to stay with Huel whilst avoiding the god-awful v.3.0. :nauseated_face:

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Convenience and flavour is definitely the main thing for me. I was looking for convenient, healthy food which could possibly help lose weight but not necessarily it’s main feature as I just mainly wanted something that could keep me full and healthy and to stop me spending loads in a shop for a meal deal or preparing lunch or dinner when I’ve got 10 million and 1 things to do whether that be studying the LPC and working full time completing my training contract. The main benefits of Huel that I’ve gotten is benefits that I didn’t even know I was going to get from using the product, it’s helped significantly ease the symptoms of some medical conditions that I have too.

It also helps that there’s so much variation you can get from RTD (chocolate by far the best out of the ones I’ve tried-thanks Sainsbury’s), Hot and Savoury to the multiple flavours of powder

One thing that made me completely stick with huel was the branding and the fact that you get the free quality t shirt which I love and the shaker and how Huel want their customers to stick around and that everyone’s really responsive.

Wish I discovered Huel during my undergrad degree as I Would’ve saved me so much money! But at least huel does student discount!

Only niggle I have is that you can only get one t shirt and shaker :sob::sob::sob:. Changing to a prescription once I’ve finished my final bag In the next week rather than the one time orders :+1:t3:

Not sure whether it’s something Huel may consider making in the future either but a portable powder pot say for weekends away if you’re on the move would be excellent or if anyone has any suggestions that would be brill!

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When I want to have Huel on the go, I have multiple shakers and I fill each of them with one serving of powder (without water) at home. Then I can just add water and eat each shaker at the right time. Alternatively the RTD is another great option.

BlenderBottle do a product like this with stackable containers that can attach to the bottle itself or be carried with their own handle - the containers are available in 3 sizes - 250mg, 150mg and 100mg.

Interesting, I find v3 much better than v2.3, it’s smoother and also a bit sweeter. Replacing oats with tapioca starch may have been bad from a “health” perspective, but it greatly improved the texture and solubility.

Regarding the containers I find it better to have a resealable plastic bag. Leaving the desired amount of meals in a bag and not using it up is one possibility how to prepare for weekends away. Smaller bag sizes would be better, though, just as an option for that occasion. JJ offers 10 meal bags, queal 3 meal bags - and other companies even leave the possibility to choose between several sizes. Perhaps Huel could consider this, too.

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I think is the best formula you can find for this kind of food.
I really don’t care the taste, texture etc, just the formula I think is the healthier food of the unhealthier alternatives if that makes sense :joy:
Hope you guys give us the best of the best as our health is in your hands!.


RTD was what first originally got me into Huel, I was buying the RTDs in Sainsbury’s, chocolate by far the best!

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For me its the convenience and nutrition thats made me stay with Huel Powder. Plus it’s nice. Gluten free is a bonus as I feel so much better not having Gluten.
I’ve always eaten poorly it’s amazing I am still alive! I have 2 Huels a day at the moment ( 500 calories each ) but really need another spell on 100% Huel after all the other crap I’ve been consuming lately.

I’m getting most of mine through Facebook marketplace these days but for me it started with nutritional values and ended up coming down to shipping.

There are so many great Complete Foods now we’re seriously spoilt for choice; and whilst Huel may still have the edge nutritionally they’re not so much better that other brands can be easily ignored. But…

Only Huel lets me order a box at 5pm and gets it to me the next day.

Sure I could plan ahead more, but such quick shipping is a huge USP.

Wow, I think Huel should include these shakers, the one huel has is not good for its purpose, in fact I only did a couple of meals before I just binned it and I have to confess I’m using the queal’s shaker even though I’m not buying their powder anymore as I love huel

BlenderBottles are considerably more expensive than Buchsteiners as they are made from Tritan and include a mixing ball. I don’t think any meal replacement or protein company every give away shakers of this level - when you look around, many use the same Buchsteiners as Huel just with different colours and branding.

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A bunch do. Fairly standard BlenderBottles seem to be the most common I’ve found tbh, though I do have a fairly smart high-end version from one company and even got a Nalgene from another.

I do wonder about the value though. Shaker bottle is a shaker bottle at the end of the day. So long as the lid stays on when I shake and it’s easy to clean then I’m happy.

yes it does depend on the material - BlenderBottle do make a standard - or original - model that is made out of standard plastics and I guess these are the ones often that get cobranded - but their premium models made from Tritan, glass and steel are not offered as cobranded products. Personally I like the Tritan ones - the benefits being the material is much easier to keep clean and the greater durability and resistance to erosion make it a better long term purchase decision.

edit: I just checked - their new version of the ‘Original’ has been improved and now includes a rounded base like the pro series and a shaker ball but retail is a little over double that of the Buchsteiner - given how price sensitive Huel customers can be, I’m not sure how well that would go down but would be nice maybe in the accessory store to have the option to purchase a branded higher end shaker.

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