What is the weight of the powder packets?

I’m going to be transporting the Huel by plane and want to know realistically how many packets I can fit within my weight restriction. Thanks.

According to the back-label is ~ 1.74kg per bag.

I just threw five unopened packets onto my - usually very reliable - kitchen scale. Readings are 1790, 1798, 1801, 1768 and 1804 grams.

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@2302585092 don’t forget that your scale is measuring the bags as well.
The 1.74kg e is estimated net weight (ie without the packaging)

I noticed the other day that different flavours have different weights - for example the unflavoured unsweetened is only 1.72kg - this thread answers my question as to why, as Huel bag it to 7000 calories

Did you weigh your username? Is it in grams?

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Yes, the packaging is included, my guess was that @Meryl wanted to put unopened packs into the luggage.

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Actually it is, it’s the weight of all the Huel I have consumed so far - I update it on a weekly basis :+1:

I’m currently on my 1286361st bag with - roughly - 692 grams left.

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you’ve been shortchanged.