When will Huel V2.1 be ready for shipping?

Hi, I’ve run out of GF Huel V2.0. A release date of October for V2.1 was mentioned in a post. Can you please confirm the date on when you’ll start shipping the improved version.


We don’t have a confirmed date unfortunately at the moment. It will certainly be before the end of October, but it really depends on a number of different elements coming together as one.

Once we know, so will you! Sorry I can’t be more specific.

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Any update on the new version’s availability?

That’s a shame. I thought I got 2.1 because I said on my order I wouldn’t mind waiting a few days if it meant getting 2.1 but I got the delivery straight away and assumed it was 2.1 and that the labels hadn’t been updated…

Maybe I’ve missed something on the forums - but I’ve done a search for the new version and the last I could find was that it would be ready before end of October. I hope it’ll be soon - I need to order some! Long time user - new to the forum.

If its to be released on the last day of October, maybe you should have said it was getting released in September so peeps were not sat around waiting till literally the last day of the month.

Its like me telling my mate Ill be round tomorrow and popping in at 1 minute to midnight when he is in bed.

Any update yet guys?

Can’t see how you wouldn’t keep your users posted on this one.
The usual not wanting to tip off the competition doesn’t apply here, does it?

Maybe it’s just trying to make people buy 2.0 right until there is none left…
Been waiting to order new Huel ever since 2.0 was introduced because of its salt and fluoride issues.

Huel v2.1 is now available for purchase.

Sorry for the day’s delay.

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Outstanding! Thanks very much - just bought two bags to try it.

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