White tongue

I was wondering if anyone else is getting a white tongue after drinking Huel ? I mean, of course right after would be normal but it stays white for a few hours after I’m done drinking, even though I drink loads of water…

Odd; normally it is due to a yeast infection or poor oral hygiene…I’ve no knowledge of it from using Huel…even straight after.

I get this too, despite good oral hygiene (brushing flossing mouthwashing) not just with huel either. I also drink plenty of water. Do you get it after any food apart from huel? I have a gp appointment regarding this coming up so will let you know what they think. :slight_smile:

No I don’t, only after Huel. Please keep me updated, that would be great !

Will do! Unfortunately it’s not until the 11th September, so a little while to wait.

Strange that it’s only with huel for you, mine seems to be other food too but I can never find a pattern of certain foods that trigger it.

Quick update, no infections (yeast or otherwise) but they believe it is related to difficulty I have breathing through my nose (especially at night) so I have been described a decongestant. If this doesn’t improve things the food aspect will be looked into. It may just be the case that having a slightly coated tongue already makes things like huel stick more to it, we’ll see.

Totally unrelated, but my tounge does the same after I eat rocket salad / arugula, and it feels different too, it’s not just a matter of color…

When you say it feels different, do you mean to touch, or just a sensation in your mouth?

Just a sensation, I can feel it also the day after eating it (if I eat a good amount of it).

I wonder if it could be related to acid reflux. I’ve read somewhere in the past about this causing a coated tongue.