Will huel work as a liver reduction diet for weight loss surgery

I am considering gastric sleeve surgery at the end of the year, from what I’ve read online, you need a liquid diet for 3 weeks prior to the surgery to reduce the size of your liver and I’m wondering if huel is suitable so my body can still be getting everything it needs on a nutritional level.

Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

Hi @sc16492

Huel does have all the nutrition you require so, if you’ve been advised to have a liquid diet, then it would be suitable. However, I’m not sure why a liquid diet would reduce the size of your liver nor why this it would need to be reduced in size if you’re otherwise healthy.

Perhaps this is what you mean. In which case you would be given a diet sheet prior to your op.

To shrink a non-alcoholic fatty liver, you need to reduce the calorie-content of your nutrition drastically, to LCD or VLCD (= (very) low calorie diet = <800/800-1200 cals).
Huel gives you everything you need only, if eaten in amounts of about full nutrition, but not if eaten in the small amounts suitable for this purpose.

It may be possible though that with some supplements (vitamins, minerals) it would be ok for just 3 weeks. I recommend taking the nutritional informations of huel to your doctor/nutritionist and discussing it with him.