Drinking Huel after abdominal surgery

Hi there. I regularly use huel, but had my gall bladder removed on Friday. I’m wondering if it’s OK to start drinking huel again,as I’m feeling a bit run down. But I’m slightly concerned that it might be a bit too much for my stomach to deal with. Does anybody have any advice/guidance please?

Hi @AdeB did you mean to say abdominal surgery? Yes you should be fine to start back on Huel if you have been advised to get back to a normal diet.

Hey Ade, it would probably be best to ease yourself back in with 1/2 scoops a day and building up over the course of the week.

As you’re probably aware Huel is not low fat but contains a moderate amount of fat. So, if you’ve been advised to follow a low-fat diet then the amount of Huel you consume should be limited.

HI @Bee. Thanks for your reply, I’ve changed the title to abdominal as you’re probably correct. I’m not particularly knowledgeable in medical matters. Yes, I was advised that I can eat normally, as long as I ‘take it easy’. I just wasn’t sure if something as nutritionally dense as huel would fall into the category of ‘taking it easy’. So I thought it wise to ask for some advice.

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Thanks @Dan_Huel for your advice. I’ll have 1 scoop this evening and take it from there.

All depends on how much you eat. As @Dan_Huel says, better start off slowly and build up. Wishing you well :+1:

Can you call your GP or someone related to the surgery and ask what they think? Think many will be hesitant to give medical advice on here. However, @D90019 is pretty knowledgable about such things and might be able to help more than me

If you have had a gall bladder removal then there is two things to consider. Firstly your short term dietary intake and secondly a longer term dietary intake. I have asked my colleague who has confirmed the following.

Short term should include a mostly liquid and good fibre foods but in small and frequent bites. As such soups and Huel would be fine. You can try cottage cheese. You can ask for fortisip/freusibin to be prescribed. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Longer term it’s high fibre, pulses, vegetables, lean meats. Try to avoid high fat or processes foods.

Hope this helps.

I should add if on doubt then ask a GP, practice nurse or dietician. Was dietary advice given post surgery?