Huel diet before and after gallbladder removal

33-year-old male here, preparing for a laparoscopic colosystechtomy (gallbladder removal keyhole surgery) this Friday. Just ordered my first batch of Huel, which is arriving on Tuesday (fingers crossed).

Before and since being diagnosed with a gallstone half the size of my gallbladder, I’ve been experiencing extreme lethargy, bad skin, bouts of depression, bloating, severe chest pains (sometimes three hours long in the middle of the night), anxiety and brain fog. From what I read of Huel and its benefits, the product seems to have some very positive effects that counteract some of these symptoms, so I thought I’d try it on the days running up to my surgery and once I awaken from the hazy anaesthetic dream.

For any others concerned about mixing Huel with gallstones, I’ll keep track of my progress in this thread this week and for the rest of the month.

Anyone had a similar experience yet? I’d love to hear some genuine advice from a gallbladder-less Huel veteran.

Hi Matt, I had my gallbladder removed in the summer. I have just ordered my first batch of huel and I’ll keep you updated with my progress :slight_smile:

Hi Matt

Huel should be favourable to people with gallstones and after having their gall bladder removed.

Keep us posted on how you get on

I have used Huel for many months without problems and have now just my gallbladder removed due to dangerous stones. So I too am wondering how Huel will work for me in future. Will obviously give it a go but fore-warned is fore-armed. Hoping someone has some experiences to share

Hi all, any updates on using Huel after having gallbladder removed? I have tried it but I had very bad upper right quadrant pain and upset stomach, so maybe the macro nutrient balance (in particular fat) is causing problems for me.

How long ago was it removed? If within 6m or so I would say possibly. Longer than that I wouldn’t be so sure although different people react in different ways. It is normally things like cheese that cause problems that manifest themselves as heartburn type symptoms. I would imagine there must be gallbladder removed folk on the forum… It is quite common.

I had my gallbladder removed about 2 years ago, and definitely noticed a change for the worse when I started taking Huel (which is a shame).

I had my gallbladder removed Dec '17 and have had digestive issues ever since. I tried to stop using Huel for a few weeks but found that my issues were not resolved. I have since returned to Huel and use digestive enzymes to help.For me personally Huel helps avoid unhealthy snacks and other evils finding some kind of enzyme support has helped me reintegrate Huel into my diet.