Huel instead of food - stupid gallbladder!

Hey everyone, I started using Huel 2 weeks ago, and have built up from one a day to 4x2 scoops a day, as this is more easily digestible for me.

A bit of background - I’ve recently been diagnosed with chronic acalculus cholocystitus aka my gallbladder doesn’t empty, but I have no stones. It causes a hell of a lot of pain/fatigue/nausea, and I was down to eating plain rice and bread. :dizzy_face: SO! I looked into Huel and it seemed a great alternative!

Does anyone else have a similar experience? I eat the odd banana too, for a little variety/natural sugar kick, but any top tips? I’m hoping my surgery date comes through sooner rather than later, but I intend to keep using it if possible!

Thanks all, :blush:

Amy (newbie) xxxx

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