Epigastralgia & Huel

Yesterday I ate something not good and puked during some time. Went to the doctor and she put me on diet for 2 weeks: light stuff, boilt stuff and grilled stuff.

Also Omeprazol, a med :pill: to protect the stomach.

Is ok to drink Huel in this situation?

As a pharmacist, omeprazole is fine with huel, just take it at least 30 minutes before your first huel/meal.

As for your condition, I think you have to test if you can handle huel with your upset stomach. Go slow and listen to your body. If your stomach feels weird, I’d go a little lighter until you feel well again and then slowly introduce it back into your diet.


Huel is quite high in fibre and also uncooked, so can be a little difficult to digest if you’re digestive system is currently weak or disturbed.
Like Danny says, take it slow, test it out, see how you feel. It certainly won’t harm you if you have a small 2 scoop shake and drink it slowly. But it may not be the ideal thing to eat for the first couple of days of recovery, and probably not large amounts of it.
After a few days I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine - but ease back to your normal diet slowly

Thanks for the advice to both! Certainly I will skip it for one week or so.

I’m sorry @D90019 for always tagging you in these, but you tend to give the soundest advice when it comes to this sort of thing!

@RyanT no worries…and thank you.

I would echo what @Dannycopter has said. If your pain has come on suddenly or of you have had no pain before I think it is worthy of further investigation.