Will the phytoestrogens in Huel interfere with Hormone Replacement Therapy (MtF)?

As per the title. I read a few other posts mentioning the phytoestrogens and saw that most people laughed them off due to the low quantities and comparatively low strengths compared to other estrogens, but I did not find any discussions about HRT.

For background information: I started HRT a little over a month ago, but I’ve been a Hueligan (been on Huel? done Huel? consumed Huel? What’s the right verb? lol) for a bit longer (6 months maybe?). My first set of labs is in 2 months, so I won’t have any quantitative analysis until then. From a qualitative standpoint, I’ve seen zero changes so far other than some really minor mood swings and brain fog and such. My doctors have said I shouldn’t expect to see anything until maybe 2-3 months in.

Does anyone around here happen to have, say, an endocrinology background or other experiences that might lend some quantitative evidence?

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Hi @cajuninabox

Just for clarity, what HRT are you having?


I’m taking Estradiol and Spironolactone (feminizing).



There’s no issue with having any Huel product and your HRT. This is the same for any plant-based diet.


That’s great news! Thank you for the information!

Phytoestrogens also bind to estrogen receptors, but in most cases their effect is weaker. So in theory less estrogens should be available for the “regular” estrogens. Due to their heterogenity, no really valid data seems to be available on their actual strength on average.

Of course they are also contents of normal foods, but normal foods are not as rich in flaxseed as Huel, and flaxseed is among the foods with the highest phytoestrogen concentrations. And Huel is very rich in flaxseed. Soy is similar, but Huel fortunately has no soy in any of its products, as soy is problematic in a lot of other aspects. That is the really good thing about Huel, and other meal replacements usually contain soy as a protein source as it is cheap and has a better taste and solubility than pea protein.

So the issue might be rather about the interaction of vegan meal replacements in combination with hormone therapy in general.

Have you talked to your GP, endocrinologist or gynecologist about this (that is who gives you the prescriptions)? What is his/her opinion? I would clarify that first.