Huel and estrogen

Okay guys and gals, I’ll keep this short. I’m looking to lose some weight and get in overall better health and better shape. I was looking into intermittent fasting and such and asked about incorporating huel. I was basically told to throw it away due to the estrogen properties it contains? So simple question, is this stuff safe for men to use to lose weight and get in shape, or will it decrease testosterone and increase estrogen?

Who told you that lmao

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Hasn’t this been discussed (and debunked) recently on another thread? Can anyone point the way to it?


It’s absolutely fine, this has been brought up before here and I’ve done my best to debunk it as I can when it pops up.

The phytoestrogens are so weak they can’t do much, so much so to the point they may actually mildly block up the estrogen receptor sites and prevent the real stuff from doing its thing. In other words it’s fine for us men.

The other thing people miss is the fact flax has some evidence to suggest it can reduce penile plague, so it might actually be a good Erectile Dysfunction preventer, not so bad for us men now is it?! Haha

Whoever told you the information you heard about obviously hasn’t done enough research into the topic, I can see how people draw the conclusions they do about phytoestrogens in general but once you start digging one step further you quickly realise it’s actually fine, for men and women. I don’t see countries with high soya intake have fertility issues, think Asian populations…

As an anecdote I’m on TRT and get my estrogen levels checked fairly regularly, they are absolutely spot on where they should be, a friend of mine who like myself is also well know and respected within the TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) Community also has perfect estrogen levels and he is a vegan who occasionally uses huel and also consume copious amounts of Soya on top.

Hope this puts your mind to rest. :slight_smile:

You’ve been led up the garden path.

Huel is fine for men. In fact, most Huel users are most likely men I expect.

Thanks everyone for all the speedy replies. I’m sure this had been covered elsewhere in the forum. I am new to this and wasn’t sure so thought I would ask. I believe I’ll stick with huel as a meal Replacement and continue to watch calories and exercise.

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I’ve been eating/drinking Huel for very nearly a year, and my breasts are no bigger than they were last July. Seriously, I have regular blood tests due to Hypothyroidism, and everything that was overly high is now normal, and everything that was under/low is now normal.