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Hi guys…I have been reading the forum lately, and I see I am not the only one concerned about phytoestrogens. I think that your product is the best one among the replacement meals I have tried, but honestly I seem to be one of those males who have problems with phytoestrogens. I think you could conquer the market if you just came up with a recipe that does not contain ground flax seed, and my solution is the following: avoid ground flax seed altogether, and give us the amount of olive oil we have to add to the mix to get the right amount of calories from fat. By doing so, you would not need to alter your industrial process too much, I guess…and well…of course you will say: by eliminating flax seed, you also lose many other essential nutrients…Well, you are right…it is true…but let’s face it: I think that most men would prefere to miss out on some nutrients rather than ingest them along with phytoestrogens. Huel without flaxseed + olive oil is still (I guess) much more complete than what the average Joe (lazy bastard like me when it comes to this stuff) could ever cook.


Blimey…looks like Huel needs to make 100 different versions.


That’d be way less convenient, adding oil to your mix, like all the soylent’s back in the days when the concept just started.

But it’s interesting to read about phytoestrogens in flaxseed. I know soy has phytoestrogens, but this is new.

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As far as I can understand, flaxseed is very very rich in phytoestrogens, the richest among the various foods. I agree with you…it is less convenient. I am very concerned about these phytoestrogens, and I am thinking about getting back to the things I used to eat before discovering this product. It may sound uneducated, but well…I do not want to alter my hormone balance, not even to run the risk, cause it can have bad and unpleasant effects.

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Haven’t you noticed how it firms your boobs up a bit?


They should make V2.1 - same ingredients as V2 but a free training bra enclosed with new orders instead of a t-shirt.


Well…my main research started cause I have a light form of gynecomastia (men’s boobs). I knew that there is a sort of war against soy, which is not grounded on any scientific result. I fear that phytoestrogens, if taken in large quantities, may alter one’s hormone balance…then what happens after that is unknown to me.You can have firmer boobs, but maybe decreased libido…who knows…anyway, my bottom line is: I would like to avoid these phytoestrogens altogether, this is why I suggested this. If I am the only one, then to hell with me…I will switch to my old school bachelor diet…otherwise, if many of you agree with me, it could be an idea for the guys who produce it.

Yesterday I read in the forum that another guy has been having acne problems since he started his huel based diet. I researched a bit and these phytoestrogens can be related to acne in adults. So well…

That’d probably be me.

I had to discontinue Huel as it gave me absolutely terrible skin… though I keep looking back for updates as it was highly beneficial in every other aspect of my life.

Never could really figure out why it did it to me but this phytoestrogen thing could be something. I do have ground flaxseed in custom smoothies but it’s usually around 5grams and I’m pretty sure Huel would have a lot more than that per day (I was consuming 2000kcal of Huel).

This is exactly what I meant Sam. I guess the quantities are pretty high, and well, being the richest food in terms of phytoestrogens, you see that something can happen. Thank you for your reply.

It’d be interesting for the guys at Huel to inform how much ground flaxseed is actually in the formula. I’d be happy to increase levels in my smoothies to match it just to test whether it was those causing my problems.

After all I’d really love to get back onto Huel haha

I would really love not to abandon this wonderful form of nutrition. TheCount yesterday asked about it, but he did not get any reply as far as I can tell.

Just had a (very quick) look at the nutrition of Huel and compared the amount of omega-3 per 2000kcal with the levels in flaxseed since there seem to be no other sources of omega 3.

Going by that it seems there is roughly 60g of flaxseed per 2000kcal. It’s hard to say some of the data I’m looking at seems a bit inconsistent but it’s somewhere around that figure.

It is a lot.

12g per 100g of Huel if I remember rightly…

Which makes 60g a day for a 2000 Kcal diet, as Sam said.

I don’t think there are any other viable ingredients to provide omega 3’s, so as long as it remains vegan, I can’t think of any alternatives to flaxseeds.

For what it’s worth, I don’t see vegan men wandering around with big bouncy boobies and losing their body hair, so I suspect based on that crude analysis that we’re fine.


Just take iodine to get clear out the fluoride and take DIM to counteract oestrogen simple :joy:

Hemp seeds

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