Wondering if Huel is safe for toddlers?

Hi there! I’m new to Huel and I’m considering switching my diet largely to try to lose weight and reap the other additional benefits that Huel can have. However, my young daughter would still be eating her baby food and I worry I may get tempted by her mash and mashed peas. Would it be advisable to introduce Huel into her diet as well, given it is a complete meal as stated on the website.
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Hello - No, it is not suitable for babies/toddlers - you can read more here

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Can’t tell if this is a troll account or not. Perhaps just don’t eat your daughter’s mash and peas :+1:


Thanks for your responses! I’ll do my best haha

This is interesting and thanks for asking the question! My daughter is 5 and has always been curious about mummy’s shakes! I haven’t let her have any yet but by the sounds of things it will be fine for me to let her have a taste.

My 10 month old absolutely loves my Huel bottle.
Luckily she hasn’t worked out how to open it yet