Your thoughts on a smaller pouch size?

I like the big pouches. I thought they were too big, but then realised I could pour them onto a big food container and actually now my kitchen is much tidier. Unexpected benefit!


Same size, or ideally do a whole week in one bag as an option - the environmental impacts are one of the big benefits for me, so I’d prefer you to reduce packaging rather than increase it. By all means offer various sizes of tubs people can buy if they want. Personally I just have the pouches in an oversized drawer under my work desk sealed with a large crocodile clip, works fine.

I was hesitant about the big bags at the beginning, but now I prefer them to the one-day sized bags. The big bags are alright to handle and it’s easy to scoop the powder out.

If you do want to reduce the size, better not go under 2/3 of the current size, maybe some 1,2 kg or similar. Everyone who can store a bag of potatos in their kitchen could store a bag of that size. :smile:


Thank you for all for your feedback. The consensus from above was to stick with the bigger bag, however we have been forced to switch to a smaller pouch size, which will be half the size (in terms of calories) of the original pouch. We had to do this because of problems with the supplier. The new size means that each pouch will contain 3500 calories of Huel, instead of 7000 calories. Therefore, you will get double the amount of pouches in your order, but the same amount of calories. You can order your Huel as per normal, choosing 1 week, 2 week or 4 week options.

Well that was a clear backwards step. The big bag was half empty anyway. Shocking waste of plastic. Lets hope you fill the small bags.

@sanovine the bags will always be partly full, not full to the brim, even thought I would love them to. This is due to the blending and filling process. During the blending the powder gets a aerated and fluffs up, so when it’s added the pouch it’s pretty full, this then settles and makes the pouch look half empty.

What about boxes or tetrapaks? Anything to avoid that seal

We have considered everything and still are, we have a plan but it takes time.

We have to balance out cost, usability, durability, ability to protect the vitamins for 1 year, waste, and production lead time.

Remember a box / tetrapak uses more material than a pouch, and not everything is recycled and it takes energy to recyle. It’s better to use less material in the first place.

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Coming from Joylent, I really missed the ease of one pouch a day but quickly got used to it. I did get a bit annoyed having to take off jumpers when I mixed shakes though (lest I get an arm full of powder from reaching into the bag).

Then I saw the really obvious suggestion of a tupperware, bought one, emptied a bag into it and viola, I’m a happy chappy.

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@Tristan did you manage to empty the pouch in the container without it going everywhere, including powder into the air?

@julian. Yeah it was fine, I just tipped it really slowly at first, didn’t notice any clouds or missed powder. I can see plenty of space for disaster though, it’s a lot to tip out.

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I’m doing exactly as Tristan says, with a 2,5L tupperware-like, and all is OK, no powder into the air… Just pour it slowly and carefully.
Very easy to use, with that. Really don’t need the big bag anymore.

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