100% Huel Diet: Time to Act

No, don’t worry Ben - you do you! :hugs: Just promise me if you start to get bored of Huel and find it tough, then just switch in a healthy home-cooked meal to find a bit more balance!

Keep us posted!


I loved those old bars. Although not enough for a meal, it did feel like a good snack to keep me going in between meals. The new ones are too small for me for that purpose.
I would love to see a bigger Huel black bar :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Day 3

Still feeling good, haven’t felt hungry at all. 3yr old son inadvertently trolling me by saying “It’s nice to share Daddy, I’ll share my popcorn with you”.

Of all the things, air-popped corn is not so bad, but still resisted. He then requested sausage and cheese wraps for lunch. Goddam. Made it through with a pint of the good stuff.

It’s tasting better as time goes on.

Main thing here is: I’m not hungry, not at all. And that was a big doubt I had. Onward!


Day 10

Added some food in from around day 6, I think by then in my mind I’d proved to myself that I could do it, and not that I should do it.

So added in some chicken and veg with soy sauce for 550cal as an evening meal.

Weight loss happened quickly in the first week which also has a tendency to over-stimulate my manic excitement at success, so have dialled that back and found that maybe for 4 days I didn’t lose anything which is totally normal (not that my natural reaction is to think like that) because this isn’t a crash diet, its a change to my nutrition and eating habits.

And habits take time.

Bag 1 almost finished, bag 2 should take me to nearly the end of May and then it’s time to go vanilla.


My slippery slope sounds very much like yours… Evening meal, I’ll slide to a pizza and cheesecake :joy:

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How are you doing now that we are in july?

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How’s it going? You’ve not posted for a couple of months…

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Hello there all

Work got crazy and my meal planning got a little sidetracked.

I’m now on 2 shakes and an evening meal; or sometimes 3 shakes and a Huel Hot and Savoury.

Had a few weeks when I really wobbled and did a lot of emotional eating.

Long story short currently 15 st 9 pounds, so a stone abs bit lighter, or 15 pounds lighter in pounds.

Am newly refocussed so next goal is to break the 15st barrier, plan is to do that before end of November.

That will see me at the lightest I’ve been in 23 years so no small target to aim for but hey!

Big fan of the Thai hot and savoury, but it’s a bit of a price bump compared to planning the cost of the Huel powder so for now aiming for 2-3 days a week with the Hot and Savoury to get some longevity out of it.

How to start updating more frequently.

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The downs and the struggle is a component of the fight!

Good to hear from you :slight_smile:

Hot and savoury Thai is awesome! I agree.

Cheers! :smiley:


Hello, trying to drop back in.

Current status, Huel 100% on 1 or 2 days a week when I feel I need to just focus on numbers, rest of the time using for a meal replacement 1 or 2 meals a day.

Current weight 15st 3lbs, so 1.5 stone loss since starting, or 21 pounds in around 24 weeks, pretty happy with that.

Next stop, sub- 15 stone for the first time in 20 years.


Good work chap. Love reading your journey and updates. Keep going :muscle:

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Evening all

Current weight 14st 12.5lbs!

First time under 15st since 2004. That is MENTAL.
Couldn’t be happier at the moment, and life is going great.

Had hypnosis to help with my emotional eating and it was a game changer, now have a whole new strategy, outlook and belief that I can finally understand what people mean by “lifestyle change” and not “diet”.

Me, start:

Me, current:

Disclaimer: I work in fashion e-commerce, so my pics often require me to look like a Fashion Twat :tm:

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For those interested in the numbers - I am a long-time observer but short-term adherer of understanding energy balance; that is, calories in < energy out.

Seems simple but Calorie Deficit was a seemingly ‘too simple’ concept for me until around 16 weeks ago.

I use a TDEE calculator for my height and weight (such as this one) and then decrement my calories by a manageable amount.

I’m currently eating 2,000 cals a day and this would be lunch for me in the past.
But on 2,000 cals a day I am eating chicken strips, wraps (I find Lebanese wraps way more satisfying than the equivalent bread), MEASURED amounts of cheese and mayo when needed, but all in all living an actual good life, food-wise.

Huel for 1-2 meals a day, or 2-3 meals on super motivated days, keeps me way on track and full and then I can now look at meals and see 750 cals as an extravagance; before I would see this as a 3pm snack.

The hypnosis was certainly a help and I feel like I’ve turned a corner from being “the person who can’t lose weight” to the person that was never going to, because they didn’t understand calories.

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But at least it’s not a mirror selfie - for some reason they really annoy me when people can’t be bothered (or don’t know how) to flip them so text is legible.


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But at least it’s not a mirror selfie - for some reason they really annoy me when people can’t be bothered (or don’t know how) to flip them so text is legible.

Ha ha I really appreciate the acknowledgement; I mean, iPhones include the “FLIP IT OVER” button, there’s no excuse.

And I wouldn’t be helping my brands if I was displaying them all backwards :thinking:


Totally going to do a mirror selfie tomorrow just to trigger @DunsfordMage haha.

Sorry Colin! :joy:

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Nah, I’ll just fix it for you and repost. :wink:

It’s only the ones with text that annoy me (no text and I wouldn’t know).

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Considering I just completed a 30 day stint doing all Huel last week (and this was the motivation to join this forum), I will give my impression on the subject. What I liked the most about this was the simplicity. Tracking calories on an app like MFP is a snap when Huel is your only source. I livened things up a bit by adding things to my Huel occasionally, but even then keeping up to speed on calorie consumption could not be more straightforward. As opposed to various other “diets” out there that want you to track carbs, track macros, avoid dairy, weigh food, organic this, GMO that, etc. etc. etc. to infinity, using the Huel only method is fairly idiot proof.

However, there are several drawbacks which make this type of plan perilous to put it mildly. The first one to materialize is the digestive issues which are certain to befall you when making this switch. It might not hit you as badly if you ate relatively healthy beforehand, but if you are like me and switched from total crap to all Huel you are going to be letting out farts that could send an echo through a stadium. In my case I work outside and am by myself most of the time. I am not going to offend the cornfield or livestock, but if I was in the close confines of an office it would be a tad embarrassing. Nothing like some putrid, rotten egg smelling farts emanating from your butt on a regular basis to make your coworkers and family head for the hills. You will be in the bathroom so much at first you might consider pitching a tent and just staying awhile.

The other main drawback is the lack of socialization from food. Here in the US, food is a deep cultural phenomenon We plan our lives around it. From business dealings to sitting down at night with your family, food is the focal point. Removing this made me feel like I was going rogue, and also made me feel almost selfish. My family would sit down to dinner at the table at night, and I was upstairs playing Call of Duty and texting. I guess I could of sat at the table with everyone with my shaker cup in my hand, but I really did not want to deal with the temptation. This made me feel somewhat isolated. I wish I would have discovered this forum back when I started as it got pretty lonely and could of used a sympathetic ear.

Then there is the inevitable boredom which comes from eating the same thing, over, and over, and over, and over again. We humans like variety, and its exceedingly difficult to endure all Huel, all the time. I am no psychologist, but it definitely wore on me mentally. I had a quick temper and things annoyed me way more than is typical. This was actually much worse during the initial 2 weeks than it was the last 2. I think after the second week I sort of mentally had accepted my fate and was no longer fighting it, and at that point there started to be some light at the end of the tunnel, so I had something to look forward to.
I should also mention the cravings I was having at that time. These were not at all what I would consider normal. They were pretty intense. I would have dreams at night of eating solid food that felt incredibly vivid. So much so that I thought that I really had raided the fridge in the middle of the night and cheated. I was looking in the kitchen and trash cans the next morning for evidence if these dreams really happened or not. There is a Kentucky Fried Chicken contained within a gas station not too far from here, and I was convinced I had polished off an entire bucket of the colonel’s extra crispy in the middle of the night. I told my fiance laying in bed next to me this story and she looked at me like I was insane.

What made the experience all worth it is the fact that it accomplished what I had intended. I lost 22 pounds in 33 days. All of my Covid weight gone and then some. I could sort of tell that I was losing weight during the month by the way my clothing was fitting, but I was shocked beyond belief when I hopped on the scale after I called it quits. I mean seriously, 22 pounds? Guy I buy seed from suspected that I had went on a month long cocaine binge when he saw me at the gas station the other day.

So what am I doing now that it is over? I still do Huel for breakfast and lunch and have dinner at night like normal. I just recently got some Huel hot and savory and plan to interject those into some dinners also. While I feel like a million bucks, I am still technically just a tad overweight by BMI standards, so I will keep doing what I am doing on a more manageable (but sane) pace.

For the record, I would not suggest anyone do an only Huel diet. I think for most people it will just lead to them cracking and going on some food related bender. I certainly never plan to do it ever again. Huel is a great product with numerous benefits, but I just do not think we humans are programmed for such a restrictive regimen.


Been a while, busy and minor adventures in anxiety and depression, lockdown working-from-home novelty has worn off. That said, the fact I’m working is a huge godsend based on some my friends’ situations. First world problems.

Anyway, updates, currently at 14st 3lb / 199lb / 90.25kg - pretty amazing to me as 5 years ago I dreamed of being under 90kg and it seemed like a funny fantasy situation.

Currently using Huel 2 x meals per day, and ramp it up to “all Huel all day” when I feel I need a boost - it makes me feel mentally like I’m living cleaner and easier when I go “all in” for a bit.

Just ordered the new Hot and Savouries, sweet and sour is amazing.

Also switched out my Huel Black Chocolate for Salted Caramel. Not for me I’m afraid, too sweet and “sweetener tasting”, so fast-tracking through that so I can get back to the boring safe status quo.

Hope everyone is well. Happy 2021, onwards and upwards! (Downwards for the weight, obviously.)


Good stuff dude, you’re right about the working thing so that’s good, but don’t neglect your mental well-being!

I think this is probably the most difficult time in living memory so it’s pretty inevitable that everyone is going to have their “moments”.

Take some time for yourself, there are some great freebie apps for meditation, even short ones like 10 minutes if you can find some time for that and they can make a huge difference in the long run for your mental health.

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