100% rda?

How many scoops or weight do you need to get 100% RDA?


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So you need 2000 calories worth… ?!

Surely a more nutrient rich version would be a good idea? Instead of a nasty pill which I don’t even trust, one large shake of huel per day would be much preferable, and MUCH more sustainable.


Again, as I said over there, Huel isn’t supposed to be a supplement. It’s supposed to be a food.

A food isn’t intended to supplement lack in other foods, it’s intended to be what it needs to be for the portion that you eat of it.

If you eat spinach at one meal, you don’t expect the spinach to up its vitamin content to make up for the chips you eat at the next meal… you just feel good about having gotten some spinach into your diet.

Think the same way about Huel. It’s not going to make up for the poor rest of your diet, it’s not meant to. But it’ll be good for you in whatever portion you do consume it.

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In short, Huel is nutritionally complete at 2000kcal which is 500g of Huel or approximately 13 scoops.