Does this make sense?

If it takes 13 scoops to get your RDA of nutrient ‘stuff’ (from 2000cals) does that mean that when I’m due 1598 calories (to lose 1lb fat/week) I’d only be getting 80% if I was 100% Huel?

And does it follow that by having my current 5 scoops/day (breakfast and lunch) that’s a ‘stuff’ deficit of 61%?

So in my evening meal I need to make up that deficit in my remaining 838 calories.

Does that sound right …or make any sense?

I’m working my way through the nutrition guide to see what I need to target particularly, but evening meals are prepared atm by someone else and will be meat, two veg, spuds and gravy all prepared in lard…

I’m delighted to have discovered Huel, and even if my maths and logic and dietary knowledge have failed me in this post (and you’re wondering why I’m even bothering) I’ll be sticking with it as my previous diet of snacks and takeaways was surely less healthy!
At the very least I’m including a decent amount of water daily instead of endless fizzy pop :+1:

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I personally don’t worry about the RDA and obtaining 100%. Without Huel I would eat three meals a day, with snacks in between, and have absolutely no idea on the amount of macro & micro nutrients consumed

I now have two Huel ‘shakes’ a day, a Huel bar and a decent meal in the evening. I still have no idea of my total nutritional values consumed, but I do know that a Huel shake has to be far better than a meal deal sandwich and a bag of crisps !


What you say is correct. Although some vitamins scale to various degrees, most don’t. So you are coming up short. But, you are making up quite a lot with your evening meals. so your total intake is nowhere close to being 61% short.

I could guess you are only consuming 80% RDA of your nutrient “stuff”. That guess, while arbitrary, still puts you ahead of the majority of people.

For what it is worth, I’ve gone two years with a 50% Soylent/50% solid foods diet. I recently had my first physical in 30 years, and all my blood work came out great. (Well, except I was vitamin D deficient, but half of the population is vitamin D deficient, and February is the worst month to measure that anyways.)


@Ric @Tubby_Graver Thanks for the input - you’re quite right; replacing even one meal a day with Huel is way better for me than my previous snack/sarnie/takeaway regime.

It does make me think about how many people must be deficient in some aspect of their diet…and whether or not it makes much difference.
I’m not denigrating meal replacements at all*; just musing.

It’s two weeks on the Huel now and I’ve lost 5lbs.
Hard to assess any other changes as I’m also two weeks post surgery so having to keep very still and am permaknackered.

*except possibly one … I’m looking at you JimmyJoy :laughing:

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