1CC = 1 Gram (Scoop Size)

Everywhere I look I see that 1cc is equal to 1 gram and if the scoop size is 94cc why would I need two scoops for 100g?
I even tried a different form of measurement 100g is equal to roughly 4oz.Two scoops leveled gives me close to 8oz.
Someone please explain what’s going on.

I’m not sure, I get stuck on things too sometimes. Since you have a scale, just use it, less faff and accurate always.
Otherwise I’m pretty sure the cc is a volume measurement, Cubic centimetres, and grams are weight. A gram of water also equals 1ml. I’d wager a ml of huel is more than a gram.

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It’s the Huel equivalent of Die Hard 3 and you my friend have just blown up.

volume and density are different on any kind of material - 1cc (or 1ml) does equate to 1 gram in liquids like water - The air trapped in powders like flour renders it less dense than water (even though individual powder particles are more dense than water) so will take up more volume for the equivalent weight.


nailed it :grinning:

Yeah I realize that….but even the math adds up. The bag has 60 oz in it and approximately 17 servings (These are written on the bag) 60/17 gives you 3.5 ounce serving size or 103 ml……and cc is equal to ml and the scoop says 94cc.

only in liquids - 94ml of liquid takes up less volume than 94g grams of aerated powder. Measuring jugs/scoops always use the assumption of liquids because it’s less variable than dry ingredients. (American recipes always tend to use cups as measurements. its less accurate than specifying the grammage of dry ingredients but in recipes it doesn’t matter, as percentage wise the proportions will be the same)


Due to the mass of different particles in powders. Fats are heavier particles. part of the reason why BE requires less powder per portion than white.

This is like a refresher on grade school metric system isn’t it? Volume weights n measures.

Oh but it can make a huge difference. Especially in baking brownies or pastry’s, just weigh. An extra couple grams of flour can wreck texture.

Have you used the scoop yet? You will struggle to get 100g in there, maybe if you tamper it down loads you will be able to get close. I feel like this will all make sense once you use it, you’ll do a normal scoop, weigh it and it will be ~50g.