24 stone woman


I have lost all the weight twice , once when young and daft I did it really fast on a salad only diet which of course lead to me being ill. I went from 17.5 stone down to 12 stone in 3 months.

Over several years I went up to 21.5 stone with a tone of fluctuations along the way. I then lost 9 stone in 9 months in a 12 step addiction group supervised healthy eating plan reaching 12.5 stone.Unfortunately I then became very unwell with worsening bipolar and my sponsor refused to carry on working with me, I tried other sponsors but none could cope with me when unwell. In the space of a year my support system was removed, my father died, my husband left me, then to top it off I was physically assulted. Anyone would be messed up after that lot.

I do have bipolar, it is a chemical imbalence in the brain, no amount of willing myself out of it will make bipolar go away and unfortunately it makes me clinically insane for large chunks of time.Imagine taking a load of LSD and trying to follow a healthy life plan. That is what bipolar is like. I have taken all kinds of prescribed medication to try and get it under control but 7 years of different medications later I am still working with a psychiatrist to try and find a combination that stabilises my condition. When I am not suicidally depressed or insane I make myself eat healthy and I lose some weight but those times are brief before the bipolar kicks off again. In those 7 years I went up to 24 stone again with many many fluctuations along the way.

Everytime I regain my ability to think straight I put my all into finding solutions. I am not blaming anyone else for my size or my illness. My bipolar is a medical illness, binge eating disorder is something I fell into at a very young age as an unfortunate coping mechanism for lots of things that I do not want to share here. I developed bipolar in my teens but it was not properly diagnosed until it got really bad in my late 20’s.
I can control binge eating when bipolar is stable in between the insane highs and suicidal lows. When suicidal or insane all control goes out the window. I have asked to be hospitalised but the NHS is so swamped, mental health system just does not have the rescourses to help me in that way.
I posted on here just to share my Huel journey with others. There was never a question. I am not asking for advice. I thought the forum was a place where people were allowed to share their journey and progress , a bit of camaraderie thats all I am here for. I see a psychiatrist for my mental health questions.

Thank you for your good wishes , I will keep on fighting to get well until I get there or I will die still trying :slight_smile:


That sounds tough :frowning: Best of luck to you!


So long as you don’t binge eat by going to a shop to buy the food, then going Huel only may kerb your bingeing anyway, as consuming massive amounts of Huel would be considerably harder than binge eating lots of sugar and fat. All that protein and fibre will fill you up lickity split and hopefully prevent you from putting on huge amounts of weight in a single hit. You’d just need to keep only Huel in the house at all times.


Yes that is the plan. Only Huel in my home. Of course I can go to shop and get food but not having food around in home will at least minimise binge oportunities. Going well so far :slight_smile:


Pleased to report Huel jouney is going well so far. I decided in the end to have 1 main meal midday and 3 Huel meals totalling 1500-2000 cal. I am now a 22 stone and 10lb woman so going the right direction. I know most of that loss is just less matter in system and my glycogen stores being used but some of it must be fat. I am finding the huel drinks quite satisfying have got in to a nice routine now.


Great news! If it’s working, stick with it and don’t over complicate things!


Hi! How has the last couple of weeks been for you?


All going well still, 22 stone 5lb as of this morning. Still finding Huel satisfying at home and having my one meal out a day. :slight_smile:


Well done! You’re really inspiring me on me starting Huel this week too!


First month of 1 meal a day and 2-3 huel shakes. I lost 2 stone exactly in March. Now 22 stone woman. Am now losing 2-4lb each week after initial big loss first week. i hope to lose another 8lb plus in April :slight_smile:


Well done :clap:


Brilliant, keep getting the results! I’m sure at this point it’s starting to feel like less of a “thing you’re trying really hard to do” and just a part of your new, healthy, self loving lifestyle. Good for you :grin:


Good going! well done :slight_smile:


Hey, just wanted to see how it’s going for you - any update?


Great job on the progress so far, good luck! :heart:


Hey @RunawayCurves - I’ve been catching up with your thread - how’s it going these days? :slight_smile:


Hi @RunawayCurves

I’ve just seen this thread having recently joined the forum.

I’m not bipolar but your weight loss journey resonates with mine in many ways, having struggled with my weight pretty much since puberty (I’m 52 now)

I went vegan in Sept 16 after reaching my all time high weight of 23’5 (5ft 8) started with good intentions of healthy eating and did well for a while, I lost four stone quite quickly but slowly slipped into the habit of eating vegan junk food, gotta love those LM sausages right?

By two weeks ago my weight had crept up to 20,10 that’s when I started on Huel, I’m aiming for around 1800 calories a day. Going well so far.

Onwards and upwards.


I am sorry to say Bipolar derailed me again. As great as I think Huel is, it is not the solution for me. I have returned to Food Addicts in recovery anonymous. Although FA is very strict and requires a massive commitment, it is only thing that gives me the level of support I need. I wish everyone well who finds Huel is their answer. My journey with Huel is over for now as FA follow a whole foods approach.